Monday, Post Play, Day 9

This is kind of a ‘snippet’s post. I’m having a lucky night and my computer decided to do what computers are supposed to…in short, the poor old dear is dying and my new machine won’t be here until later in the week. If I bloop off, that’s why.

I’ve been swamped in my vanilla life, as I’m sure any of you with kids or families are during this holiday season. And like anyone else those nasty bugs have been travelling through the family as well. The coughing thing, the stomach bug, the sniffles, the 24-hour fever.

Wrapped all around and through the things I’ve needed to do? Thoughts of Him. Thoughts of the things He did to me, of the laughs and the tears, the pain and the orgasms. Of the mysteries of “what is it” to the fantasy-fullfillment of “Please Sir, will you cane my tits”. I’d be doing some mundane thing and I’d remember the sound of His voice teasing me. Or the sensation of my body. I’m still wearing the badges of bruises, on my ass, on my breasts…still feeling deeply connected to Him, still floating and happy. I think after all this time together, there is less propensity for “subcrash”…I *know* He will be there and answering my texts, and teasing me, that He cares for and about me. He shows it in the texts and emails, and also by things like this:

me: Master may I please have an O tonight? I’m so horny!!

Him: you are always horny, nilla. No. You had 366 orgasms on Sunday.

me: But Masterrrrrr…

Him: Rest.

*in the morning after a deep sleep*

me: Good morning Master. You were correct. I slept like a rock.

Him: I’m always right nilla. And it’s My job to look after you.

Okay, you can say it now…’aaawwww….”

He is sweet. Even when He’s being mean. Or what seems “mean” when I really want an O and He really won’t let me have one.

Master knows best is His motto.

And He always does.


About vanillamom

For over 8 years--(EIGHT?!) nilla and M have been a D/s couple. I'm the "small s" side of that designation, as he often reminds me. I'm silly and prone to giggling at inopportune times. He's a wicked Sadist, who feeds me my drug of choice--pain. My brain is always spinning dirty and dark little fantasies, which I sometimes share with the world. Welcome to the nilla-verse. It's wet and slippery here...with a dragon or two lurking.
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3 Responses to Monday, Post Play, Day 9

    • vanillamom says:

      thanks Slave ali!

      it was a good playtime, to be sure! I’m not sure I can manage one in January (being ones own boss isn’t as easy as I thought! so much responsibility being a grown up! LOL!) but am hoping to be able to swing a february one!


  1. Wordwytch says:

    Yup, which is why I’m going to bed in just a few minutes.

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