I have two versions of this story. One is long, winding, giving every detail. But you’re not going to see it. I’m being a bit Mae West of late, aren’t I? 🙂 But really, this story has more impact with less detail. Use your imaginations. You can do it!

Anal toys galore.

Each in and out of my butt.

His cock enters the fray (so to speak). My ass is very unhappy about it. I’m tight, and whimpering, despite *wanting* to enjoy it? I’m not. And that’s hot isn’t it? There I was submitting to something that wasn’t particularly enjoyable to me…and that turned me on, strange human that I am.

I was sooo tight.

That it was unpleasant for HIM…and He decided to fuck the pussy instead. Way more fun, less like a “fucking vice grip, jesusH, nilla”.

Since then, multiple texts.

“Like fucking a Chinese handcuffs, nilla.”

And this, yesterday after I was a bit of a smartass…

“Stretch that asshole, nilla, or *I* will…”

(I called Him on the phone, on that one– “Master, I don’t think putting you on a rack will make you any taller…” which earned me a very dry “cute. Amazing how brave you are when there are 40 miles between us, slut.”

And I laughed. Guffawed. Went into giggle overdrive.

When we were done talking…I got another text.

“Like fucking Chinese fingercuffs.”


He leaves me blushing (and giggling) every time.

Epic ass fail?


Great story for us?

Hell yes!


7 thoughts on “Anal

    • 🙂 thank you. He was amused…and then reminded me of who the boss is. 🙂 I love love LOVE being able to tweek him over one of HIS comments. A rare event.


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