HNT- Bruised “Squash”

Please, Master, will you cane my tits?


Oh Master, did You know how hard I cum when You do that?

You do?

(of course You know…)

thank you for the gifts of pain and pleasure, Master.



9 thoughts on “HNT- Bruised “Squash”

    1. I know…but I do like the bruises…they help me remember …and make it all…I dunno…real? Yes…they add a real-physical- reminder of a surreal experience/1



    1. 🙂

      it happens now and again that what I wish for…does come true!

      Hugs to you and yours during these dark-as-can-be days…and wishing you many joys in the new Year!



    1. cumming as I almost slid down the wall from the explosions….so good. Those bruises lasted for over two weeks…:) Amazing stuff.

      Hug back…


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