Just Stuff

That wee text from this morning definitely improved my mood. I have NO idea what He would have done to me to “improve” my mood, but I knew better to push it.

Dentist visit, 90 minutes of needles and numbing and head craned back. I love my dentist, he makes me laugh, not easy with a mouthful of tools and the ever present fear of drowning. And yanno….needles.

Novocaine wore off about an hour ago (yes, it lasted for 9 frigging hours!), my neck hurts a bit and I have a niggly headache.

Added to that is the return to normal schedules, which I am grateful for, but still need to put away my Christmas decorations. NOT going out tomorrow as we get through the next (third round) of Arctic air.

And next week?

I’m getting a major haircut.


I know, right?

I’ve chickened out twice before, but this time Master wants it to happen. Layers, so the back will stay long, but shaped and looking more like a style than just like a cave woman with hair just hanging out of my head, yanno? It’s heavy and thick and takes 45 minutes to dry with a blow dryer…3-4 hours to air dry. I’m ready.

I think.


Don’t worry if you don’t see a post first thing Tuesday…come back later, coz I’m planning on writing a ton tomorrow and will post the next chapter of my story then. Promise. Cross my heart and hope to never O again.

see? I take these promises seriously.

oh, and this post will be my 1,655th. I cannot believe that I’ve written well over 1600 posts all by myself. Whoa. I’m a real perv.  🙂

Okay, I’m tired, so I’m off to my bed to snuggle….

‘night, all.