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Despite the fact that she kind of liked the nickname, it rankled that in 21 days no one had called her by her given name.

“I have a name, you know.”

“Yes. Slut, whore, playtoy, cunt, pussy…”

Her gasp drew one of his sardonic smiles. Reggie stood there, leaning against the door frame of the kitchen as she cleaned up from supper. He held the tube of lotion for her sunburn in one hand.

“You’re insufferable.”

Her face was crimson, and she turned back to rinsing the pan. Now he laughed outright.

“Part of my charm, kitten.”

She rolled her eyes.

“Charming is not the word that came to my mind.”

“Let me guess….lovable?”

She shook her head, trying to not let him see the smile that was attempting escape from her lips. He strode over to her, pinning her against the counter with just the heat from his body.

“I saw you rolling your eyes there.”

“Well really…lovable?” The giggle erupted when she turned her head and saw his frown.

The cool salve was squirted onto her shoulders suddenly, making her jump and yelp. His fingers smoothed it into her pink flesh gently, but still–that had been shockingly cold against her burn!

“You have a wicked bedside manner, Reg. What a bastard!”

“That’s ‘lovable bastard’ to you.”

“riiiiiight,” she replied. The shiver ran up her spine, the medication taking the last of the heat from her sunburn.

“Are you done now?”

“Impatient wench. Planning on running away?”

“No. Why would I? I….like it here.”

“Hmmm…looks like kitten is growing up. No regrets?”

“Regrets? Plenty. Why I married that asshole to begin with. He fucked around, he gambled, he insisted we buy a house that was too much for us, and he was just as prone to “wham-bam-thankyou ma’am” as he was to sitting around all night watching sports on the tube.”


She turned, poking Reg in the center of his admirable pec’s.

“And you know what else I regret?”

“I’m sure you’ll tell me,” he said, capturing her poking finger, squeezing her hand in a quick gesture of comfort for a moment before moving to put away the dishes.

“I am a fucking idiot for not getting out sooner. I just ….took it, you know?”

“Sometimes, kitten, the bars to the cages we put ourselves into are invisible.”

She blinked. That certainly described the ending time of her relationship with her ex. She knew that if not for the many-paged document in her purse upstairs, that she might still be in that cage. That Reggie was perceptive enough to grasp it was a surprise.

“Thanks. You seem very ….comfortable here. But you’re not the sort of man that one pictures as a…butler.”

She hesitated over that last word, but she still didn’t really have a handle on what he did here.

He laughed. Holding the saute pan in his big hand, he threw back his head and let out a roar of a laugh. Shaking her head at him, she tugged the pan out of his grasp and hung it on the rack.

“Men are idiots,” she said, just loud enough for him to hear.

He wrapped her in a bear hug, and kissed the top of her head.

“Yeah, but we’re sexy, strong idiots.”

Releasing her, he moved to gather the plates, neatly slotting them into the cabinet. Companionably, they set the kitchen to rights as Reg answered her first comment.

“We served together–been friends for years. When he needs me, I come and hang out here for a while.”

“So…he called you out of the blue and said ‘hey I need you to help with my slut?”

Reggie threw her a sharp glance.

“No, I didn’t know you were coming until you showed up. He was playing ‘lord of the manor’ that day, but no…I don’t work for him.”

She blinked, not quite sure about this sudden development. Well, and…who knew?

“How come you don’t….I mean…I’m….geeze.”

She blushed, not knowing how to ask what she wanted to know.

“Jump you because you’re naked and pretty and all that?”

Embarrassed more than she’d ever been, she nodded, keeping her eyes averted.

“You know, I said we went back a long, long way. Kinda speaks to honor. I don’t poach my friends ….woman. You know, despite the “you’re the slut” business, unless he specifically says “you can fuck her” to me, I wouldn’t. And…you’re very attractive, and hell, naked tits, right? But you’re not my type. I’m not the kind of guy who is going to fuck someone just because she has a slit and tits.”

She leaned back, staring at him.

“I thought all guys wanted to shag all girls. Anyone. Anytime.”

“Honey, it goes way beyond a key in a lock, at least for me.”

He tilted his head, looking at her with that damned half-smile of his.  Didn’t she have a lot to think about now.

“I may hate myself for this in the morning…but I like you Reg.”

He laughed, giving her a rough hug.

“I know, it’s part of my raw animal magnetism. You simply can’t help liking me.”

He laughed when she punched him in the belly.


They never seemed to come out of the house. That would be a problem . He’d assumed that she’d be out and about all the time, but he’d only seen a single light on, in what might be the kitchen. Then even that went out. After a few minutes, a light went on upstairs, but the curtains were a bit too thick to see through, even with his binoculars. He thought he could make out the form of a woman, but he wasn’t really sure. That light went off, while another light went on downstairs. With a sigh, he started the car, then headed for the motel down the road. He’d be back before first light and continue scoping things out.

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Ch. 20

H’d decided to scope out the property by using the public library internet. Thank goodness for g-maps, since they made canvassing an area much easier. With that, and finding out the property lines, he discovered that the guy owned a huge chunk of property, much of it woods. The woodland conjoined publicly protected land, and thus went on for a while before a road crossed the area. It was a rough, pitted, raw sort of track, but it would be a great place to park his car, and to bring her back unseen. Then they’d take a little trip, maybe out west.

Likely the guy had had enough of fucking his cunt of a wife, and wouldn’t even miss her. Fucking pervert.

Stealing another man’s woman like that. He shook his head, closing down his search and heading back to the motel.

Just thinking about it made his blood boil; popping open a brew and sucking it down helped calm him. He grabbed a breakfast pastry from the bag on the other bed, to give his belly a base for more brews later. First, he had to go and see what the routine was. Maybe he’d see her there. Gosh, didn’t he hope so. Thinking about touching her, roughing her up for being such a cunt and leaving him that way gave him a nice woodie. Maybe he’d rape her tight ass, stretch out her little shitter. Rubbing his boner through his jeans, he made sure his ‘tool kit’ was in the grocery bag on the passenger floor beside him, and headed off to the woods.


She woke, stretching leisurely. Turning her head just a little, she could smell the scent of him on the pillow next to her head. How had it come to be that she’d miss him so much after such a short time together? He was always touching her, caressing the curve of her breast, swatting her bottom, poking his finger into her belly, or catching her hair and scorching her mouth with a burning kiss. She missed that. Missed him.

Sliding from the comfort of his bed at last, she moved into the bathroom. After peeing, she decided a quick shower would be nice, washing away any last sleep-webs from her brain. If she thought she was primping a bit for his return, well, what of it. If she was his ….slut…than he deserved the best of her, right? Stepping into the hot spray, she washed her hair, thinking of how much her mind had changed. There would be bumps ahead, to be sure. She was strong-willed, and had a busy professional life. Hands buried in the foamy mess of her hair she paused. But..wait…

There was only one week left in their contract.

What if…somehow…it was over in seven more days? Here she was, making plans for the future, when they had never even discussed…  And rightly so, as she had been so pissed for the first week, resigned for the second week, and only now discovering how truly happy he made her.

Biting her lip, she rinsed her hair, trying to not cry. He wouldn’t would he? Push her away and be all done with her? Surely he had some feelings for her? She had a small nest egg from the settlement, and could find suitable housing…but she wanted to stay here.

With him.

With Him, she self-corrected, Capital H. As her Master, her Sir, the one she answered to. She would enjoy going back to her career, but she wanted to be His, and for much longer than another mere week.


Downstairs, she trailed her hands along the chair rail, feeling unsettled. Of Reg there was no trace. The house was quiet, still. In the kitchen she dug a container of yogurt out of the fridge door, and ate it as she wandered through the house. It wasn’t just the material things…things were just…things. She was lonely for the man who had left marks on her body, indelible marks on her spirit…and her heart.

No one fell in love in three weeks.

Apparently no one had told her heart that.

With a sigh, she rinsed her container and spoon, and tossed the one in the recycling, the other into the dishwasher. A note by the sink said

Out in the shed working on the fucking lawnmower.

The note made her smile. Well, she’d head off and attempt the maze. Maybe that would keep her busy until Sir came home.  Taking a pen, she added her note to Reggie’s.

Going to try the maze. If I’m not back by lunch, please come find me! (LOL!)

Taking a water bottle from the fridge, she headed out the back door.


mazeShe dove right in, and by sheer luck, found the center point in under 20 minutes. The day was warm, sunny, and she felt the prickly growing of yet another sunburn on her shoulders. Off in the distance she heard the lawnmower running, and smiled. Reggie had fixed the “fucking mower” after all.  She sat on the marble bench for a while, looking at the gorgeous nude statue that faced her. She was sitting on a small platform, head thrown back, arms behind her, supporting her, breasts pointed perkily to the sky. That she was in some kind of ecstasy was readily apparent. There was no Hitachi nearby, she thought with a giggle. Maybe her lover had just left her. Maybe she was fantasizing about him.  She put a story to the statue, of loneliness and need. The bench was cool on her bottom, despite the warmth of the air. She felt good, albeit lonely, just as she thought about the statue woman. She lay down on the bench. It was just long enough to fit her. Rolling to her side, she cradled her head in the crook of her elbow, and fell asleep, still looking at the breasts of the statue.

Something clamped over her mouth. She woke with a start, unable to remember where she was for a moment. Fucking Reggie! The hand moved away, yet her mouth remained gagged shut.

“Hello naughty slut wife. You fucking cunt, you’re outside fucking bare-assed naked.”

His hand squeezed her tit hard, making her slap at him. He grabbed her wrist, pulling her up by it, and slipping a rope over her hand. She realized suddenly what he was doing and tried to fight, but it was too late by then. She smelled the beer on his breath, and knew he had his ‘mean’ on. He was more than unpleasant then. Usually she left the house when he was drunk and pissed off at the world. Her arms were pulled behind her back hard, and she whimpered.

He cuffed the side of her head.

“Shut the fuck up, cunt.”

The hum of the mower sounded, off in the distance. Closer, came the sound of plastic crunching.

“Get th’ fuck…geezus, fucking thing…”

He shook his foot, dislodging the water bottle that stuck on his sneaker. Water flew from it in a wild arc. Panic rose in her belly, a sick feeling of fear, of nausea. What the hell was her ex doing here?

He tugged her out of the maze, opposite the way she had come in. Stumbling as he half-dragged her, she tried to scream, to struggle. He hit her once, hard, in her temple. Dazed, she fell to her knees, only to be dragged a few feet.

“Get the fuck up you stupid piece of ass, and walk, or I will drag you.”

Stumbling, she rose awkwardly, shoulders throbbing.

“Help me…” she thought, hard, sending her silent screams skyward.