A Bet

Master and I often make sexy little bets around football games. Saturday night was an important game for the Patriots, so a bigger bet was definitely in order.

Master is a very bad loser.

Losing makes Him …. well let’s just say that “grumpy” is a total understatement. 🙂

I had to devise something that would give *me* maximum thrills should I win, and HIM maximum thrills (to help compensate for the grumpies..!) should we lose. (which in my book makes the bet a win-win really…)

Three Orgasms in my “bank” to use whenever I want (except for my ZNN Day, which is always an abstinence day for me, every Thursday) when the Patriots win.

If (shudders) the Pat’s lost, I’d give him some half-o’s. He’s been teasing me with them…thankfully He hasn’t done it yet…but I knew, deep in my slut heart, that it would please Him to torture me with something I really hate.

“If they lose–and they won’t lose, Master– I give You three half-O’s.”


My pussy clenches. I *know* then, right away, what He wants. But I won’t give in that easily.

“*sigh*… okay, Master…FOUR  half-O’s.”

(and yes, there will be those of you who will say, upon reading that last part… “but nilla, isn’t it your role…nay…your job to please Him fully? Should you shilly-shally along and withhold that which HE so very much desires?” C’mon peeps…you *know* me…I’m just not going to lay down and be a rug for Him to walk upon. That is not what He wants in a slut. Trust me on this.He likes the pull and tug on the line once He’s baited the hook. He doesn’t want “easy”…He likes the hunt.)


“Oh, Masterrrrrr….” I groan. “Okay…five. Five half O’s, Master.”


He doesn’t say anything else. No “you need to make it worth my while nilla” –He doesn’t need to. It is there between us, without needing to be verbalized.

This is the ultimate control, isn’t it?

Totally non-verbal. Understood. Communicated by knowing one another just that well.

With one last heartfelt (totally audible, too!) sigh,

“Okay. Six.”

“BINGO! Six it is!” He laughs.

And just like that, I’m soaked.

Btw…Pat’s won.


Now we’re both happy.