And Then…

We had a brief face time, first time in a few weeks actually. And…it was good to see His face. I find Him to be so sexy, so handsome. He just turns me on by walking into the room.

We sit, and have spoken of mundane vanilla things…our families, house stuff, and rehashed the Pat’s game.

There is a period of quiet. I’m trying to sneak my fingers up His knee.

He’s trying to find something on His phone to show me.

He pauses, and I pull my hand away.

“nilla,” He says in that voice.

That thoughtful voice.

The voice that always makes me sit up straight and pay attention because…it’s the Master voice.

“Did I tell you what this year is?”

I cannot speak, overcome by what that tone does to me. Freezes me in wonderful ways. I know He is about to do something to shake off all the vanilla, throw me right back into subbie mode. No, pervie peeps, I cannot squeak one word past my suddenly frozen throat, so I shake my head ‘no’.

“It’s the year of nilla’s ass.”

I think my eyeballs grew to be the size of hard-boiled eggs.

He flashes me a smile that makes my pussy boil.

And goes back to His phone as I sit and stew in my own juices.

5 thoughts on “And Then…

  1. LOL! I started giggling when I got to “the year of nilla’s ass”, and had to read the whole thing to Wolf… who laughed that deep chilling laugh of his. Ohhhh my!

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