Just Random Things

He keeps teasing me about “the year of nilla’a ass”. We were talking last night as He was killing time…and periodically He’d just drop that in there. Making me blush. Making me giggle nervously. And yes, it’s hot. There are a few other teasers in there, but I’m not up to sharing those just yet.

And vanilla life has been uber full this weekend…one project wrapped up and several more just beginning…and then I read Sofia’s post here and I felt like it gave me permission to just be. NOT needing to launch right into the next project, but have a space of time to breathe and renew. Winter is supposed to be down time, after all. Thanks sofia, for the breathing space. 🙂

And though I am taking a brief 15 minutes to write here and now? I haven’t had time to finish the HEA of Signed…hoping to get to that this afternoon or tomorrow. At least she’s not dangling off the proverbial cliff, right? But no point in rushing it–it should end as happily as possible, yes? Yes, I thought you’d agree. So hang in there.

For now, I’m off to one of my client’s homes (oh, how I love to type that. “my” client. 🙂 ) and off to start my busy day. Kids are happy and we’re all enjoying the respite from this cold winter. 45 when I got out of bed today. Forty five!!! It hasn’t been that warm since before Thanksgiving..mid November!

My haircut came out awesome, I LOVE it…Master will see it at some point. Iam trying for a rare Saturday visit…but it looks like it could snow.  He may have to wait another weekend before seeing if He can still “wrap your hair around my fist a few times, slut. Because that’s what matters most to me.”

Doesn’t that make you shiver just a bit? Deliciously? Mmmmm…

And we’re working on planning a playtime in February–always weather-tricky–keep your fingers crossed.

It is, after all, the year of my ass. 🙂

Happy Tuesday, pervie peeps.