Signed (25, Finale)

Sprawled on the mattress, she may have been asleep, or floating along in subspace. Gradually she became aware of her body. Throbbing tits,  clit, and nipples, her body had that loose and languorous feeling that one had after a really good, hard, fucking.

And it had been more than that.

He’d touched her. Everywhere. Mouth, cock, fingers, lips, over and around her. Her body had sung to the tunes he’d played on her. A bit cheesy, that expression, yet there was no better one to describe what he did to her.

“You’re awake. Take some water now. Kind of depleted you a bit…”

His voice sounded as raw and happy as she felt.

“More than a bit…Sir.”

They both drank of the water bottle. He opened the door with the intent of heading upstairs for some snacks and found a tray on the bottom step. ‘Nicely done, Reg,’ He thought to himself, bringing the tray to the bed and laying beside her. They talked, ate, touched. The tray emptied, he carried it to the table, and picked up the contract that he’d placed there earlier.

“I think its time for me to finish reviewing this.” His eyes danced as he help up the two-page document. Moving back to the bed, He pushed her upright, hugging her against his side as he read. He made small sounds of agreement, a few curious ‘hmmm’s’ and as he read to the end, an outright chuckle.

“Hey Sir, this isn’t funny stuff in here!” She flicked at the paper with her finger.

Tugging her bangs, he rose, moving towards the cabinet. Taking the larger box out, he kept the smaller one hidden for now.

“Before your ex came back, I’d planned to do this.”

Prying open the lid of the box, he handed the collar to her.

“This is my version of a Collar. I want you, want you to be here. Want you for sex and companionship. Wearing My collar makes you My slut. It is how things are done in the D/s world.”

He paused, watching as her finger traced the interlocking rings floating  on the ‘invisible’ strands, the small half-smile on her face pleasing Him.

Her face lifted, her eyes glowing with happiness.

“I don’t know what to say? Yes? YES! or just a calm ‘yes Sir’…because I don’t feel calm at all. My heart is racing, Sir. I–I want this, very much.”

“Well, hold on, slut. There’s a complicating, possibly mitigating factor.”

She blinked, frowning.

He turned away, hiding His smile, and palmed the small box. He held a ball gag in hand.

“If you can say “Yes Sir, I want you to be my Lord and Master from this day forward’ with this in your mouth and make it understandable, then you’ll pass my test.”

He paused. Her mouth opened and closed a few times. His laugh was rich, filling the room with the robust sound.

“You should see your face.”

She stuck her tongue out at him. “Bastard.”

He knelt between her legs, fingers of one hand teasing its way up her inner thigh.

“mmmmm….smells good here…”

He leaned closer, sniffing deeply. She blushed, closed her eyes. Propping the small blue box on his other hand, he tickled her pussy with those wandering fingers.

“Open your eyes,” He whispered.

He slanted a look up at her.

“Open it.”

He saw her swallow hard, look at him, then back at the box. He waited her out. Her fingers found the clasp, opened the box. The ring shone out at her. Gratified at her gasp, his eyes begged the question his lips had yet to ask.

His brow rose in that way she found infuriating. And sexy, damn him.

“You didn’t sign my proposal,” she said, looking at him, trying to ignore the glistening diamonds in her palm.

“You haven’t accepted mine.”

“I was first–and you haven’t asked.”

He inclined his head, pushed off the floor, and scooped up her contract.

“The last page, Sir. That’s got the key clause in it.”

“Throwing some lawyer at me, are you?”

She inclined her head at him, saucy wench. Daring him. Leaning over, he pinched her nipple, making her moan.

“Just so you remember, pet, which of us in in charge.”

She giggled, the naughty girl.

“Will you two fucking get on with it?”

As one they jumped, looking at the door where Reggie leaned against the frame.

“The two of you. Read this. Say that.”

Shaking his head in somewhat feigned annoyance, Reg strolled into the dungeon.

“Kitten? That’s one fucking impressive ring. I think there is no doubt that this big jerk is head over ass for you.” He nailed Anna with a stern glance, then shifted to stab his finger at his best friend. “And you, lugnuts. It’s more than obvious that she is nuts about you. And not just nuts about your nuts….or any of the rest of your package. And yes that was a double entendre. Will you two marry one another and be happy ever after?”

“Yes,” her voice was full of suppressed giggles.

“Yes, you pain in the ass,” spoke her Sir.

Reggie pulled a pen out of his pocket, handing it to the Captain with a flourish.

“I believe your signature is required to make this contract legal and binding.”

He signed quickly, then took the ring from the box and slid it onto her left ring finger. It fit perfectly.

“There,” spoke Reg. “I’ll be back for the ceremony. Until then, consider yourselves contractually, morally, sexually, spiritually signed, sealed, and delivered of one another.”

With a cheery whistle, Reg headed up the stairs, knowing exactly what would happen in that room now that all the necessities had been taken care of.

He was right.

The End