The Bet(s)

Hello pervie friends!  There was a whole lotta football this past weekend, if you follow such. American football wound down to the final four top teams, the creme de la creme as it were.  I have friends all over the spectrum as to whom they chose. Some were fellow Pat’s fans, other were hollering for Denver. Even during the second of the two playoff games, there were divided households over the SanFrancisco 49’ers and the Seattle Seahawks.

I don’t gamble.

Not with money, anyway. I work FAR too hard for my dollars to waste on something so frivolous. But I like the challenge, the thrill of the possibilities.

So my very first bet was with Sir Q’s fiona. That ‘l.b.’ bet that her Bronco’s would beat my Patriots.

Well, no fuckin’ way, right?

But what to bet? We’re far apart so we can’t do lunch or brunch or what-have-you. And then I thought hell…oh boy…now that would be fun…    What? You expect me to tell you the terms? Oh ho…no no no.

You all should know that my beloved Patriots forgot to show up for the game. It was sloppy and embarrassing and really awful.  So..I lost….and…as a hint….you all will have to wait for Thursday to see what boon I had to give up.

Damn it!

My second bet was with Master. We’re both rabid Pat’s fans, and He is a very poor loser. It makes Him all kinds of pissy. So our bet was:

if the Pat’s win, nilla gets 6 O’s for her bank. (Added to the 2 that I’ve already had in there)

if the Pat’s lose, Master gets to torture nilla with half-O’s every Thursday until the Ides of March.


That’s what…7? 8? weeks?

I didn’t count them, you see, because I was just that sure that we’d win.

When we lost I was crushed.

I also lost my 2 O’s in the bank.


He countered it with a second bet, on the Niners/Hawks playoff…I’m not sure where He stood but I was squarely on the SeaHawks side…and by fucking gumbo…they pulled it off.

Did I mention that the bet was double or nothing?


Yes, I’m a happy happy HAPPY slut.

At least until Thursday.

Dang that fiona!!


9 thoughts on “The Bet(s)

      1. 🙂

        That’s okay ‘girl’….(sorry for shortening your name without permission but…it’s a mouthful, yes?) Twelve years ago I not only knew nothing about football, but hated it. I can’t go into all the why’s of the seachange, but eventually I “got” it.

        That’s what makes each of us unique and unrepeatable–we all like different things, right?

        Thanks for taking the time to comment. And the Superbowl is on 2/2–Imbolc (what others call Groundhog’s Day), or Mid-Winter day.


  1. Hehehehehehe

    Well, I’m glad it wasn’t all bad, but my Sir asked of you’d paid up. I reminded him (not cheekily I think) that it would be TTTTTTThursday!

    I was seriously all in watching the game. As a friend told me, I had skin in the game. Hehehehehe.

    So, BTW, why the bet with your Master Til the Ides of March??


    1. You sure did have skin in the game, Hahaha! As to the Ides of March? Because He’s a sadist, I suppose! (and thankfully there is only one Thursday each week!). He does get awful pissy…and the idea of torturing me definitely helps Him feel better. 🙂


  2. Ah, I wondered what the bet would be. Must say that my mom is a happy Bronco Fan… 🙂 Wolf will be cheering for the Broncos, and I will not watch the game, as usual.

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