nilla needs YOU (yes, YOU!)

I am working (in my head) on a wicked dirty little story.


Purty please?

will you email me privately with a totally wild fantasy YOU have? It can be *anything* (remember, this is a fantasy-judgement-free-zone here!)

I PROMISE I will NOT use your name, your email, anything–all I want is the fantasy. It can be bare bones. It can be “i wanna be fucked by an orangutan” or lots of details like “I want him to take me to a deserted castle on a deserted island, make me his fuck slave, hang me upside down outside and let the deer lick my pussy until I almost die from cumming so much. He’s 6’8″ tall, with dark hair and a permanent sneer but I love him at first sight.”

See? You can get as wacky and creative as YOUR imagination goes. It won’t shock me. 🙂

I am just looking for fodder here, okay?

I’m *counting* on you guys…

9 thoughts on “nilla needs YOU (yes, YOU!)

  1. My latest has been him dipping his dick in another woman’s pussy over and over to feed me his cum that he just squirted.


    You asked.

  2. I’ve always had the fantasy of training a new sub while my sub watches and assists. It started after I met a friend of hers at a party we hosted. She was very interested in the dom/sub dynamic that we displayed so we decided to invite her to join us for a weekend of play. She like my sub is full figured and we began with an inspection. “Susan, take off all you clothes and present yourself”…

    1. oh myyy…and that sounds like a fun thing too…that will definitely help with my story! Thank you Rick…much appreciated!!


    1. got it, love it, thinking about it! (these thoughts just keep running through my head like wildfire….and this one could wind up on my Dark Fantasies Blog. 🙂 )


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