HNT- One for the Horses

Well fiona, the bet was well made, though in truth,  I was SO sure that it would be YOUR picture  up here… 🙂

Here you go, from one sad Patriot’s fan, my  Bronco bet. Paid in full (tears and all!)



15 thoughts on “HNT- One for the Horses

  1. OK…so here’s where the rubber meets the road…DID YOU
    1. Put on Nipple Clamps
    2. Dance around for 15 minutes while…
    3. Writing your message???

    (though I don’t think that “Bite Me” was part of the message!!!!!!


    Oh, ya, BTW, Sir asked (as he was aware of the bet) to see your post when he comes home…

    • Oh shit…i did forget that part…i now owe you a boon. Or i can redo my shot tonight. Your call my dear!

      Sent from my Virgin Mobile phone.

      • Thanks darlin’…and it will have to be a redo later this weekend.. Been a crazy end-of-the week here and I have a Master-ordered task to attend to first…:)

        nilla, NOT bet welching! 🙂

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