Lest you think all is perfect and happy all the time..

..(.and after yesterdays sweet little Master and nilla post too,)  we had a fight.

Okay not a “fight”. But he annoyed me, teasing. He’s not an overly emotional guy. He holds his cards close to his chest. He is prone to bantering with me, and sometimes it feels mean to me. Not mean in a Dom way, just..I dunno. Uncaring. He’s not, but it *feels* that way to me. Don’t YOU want to feel wanted, and not just like an obligation that needs tending to?

I know it’s more than that for him, but it’s part of his teasing demeanor, and sometimes it annoys me. And I speak up about it and we fight about it.


He doesn’t “fight” he will tell you.

And that’s true.

He ignores.

He lets it blow over.

He calls it a snit, which totally pisses me off.

So fine, I’m having a snit, Master, because I have feelings and YOU HURT THEM.

So I will sit and stew…it’s been over 24 hours now.

And I’ve cried and thought mean things, and called him an asshole but he likes that.

But he won’t respond other than telling me to get over it.

He hasn’t changed, he’ll say, that all this emotion is all on me.

Why can’t he see that sometimes that is part of the problem?