Neighbor (3)

He drank his coffee leaning against the counter in the kitchen, and looking at the house next door. There had yet to be any signs of life over there, not surprising since it was still early. He’d fallen right to sleep when he’d gotten back last night, despite the hard-on. Despite knowing that Tits New York was right next door and kissed like a — like he didn’t know what. Woke up as he usually did, 630 a.m. He spent some time figuring out how he’d handle seeing her. Tried to put away thoughts of merely handling her.

He met with moderate success on that score.

He’d been alone long enough to miss the joy of being married to a sex fiend. He and Diane had made their sexual preferences work in the city, and it worked even better in here at their country home. His wife, his sex slave, his toy, his passion, he had it all with her. They’d laughed, they’d teased, they’d played hard and rough and wild. She was half-nympho, he’d often said. He’d lost his love, his wife, when she died, but he’d also lost his playmate, the one who could anticipate his raw needs in a way that had taken years for them to get to.

He played, sure, but always in the city. Never with anyone local. All the local girls would expect a ring or a collar or both. He was just a player now, not in it for the long haul. He could go to the city and become Sir Bastard, maintain his image as a hard-ass Dominant, while keeping his vanilla life protected. He wouldn’t care all that much if people at home knew–he was who he was, after all. One didn’t become a dominant without wrestling with a few personal demons and dragons.

That tussle last night on Tits New York’s deck had created a flare of heat in him that reminded him that he’d sorely neglected that side of his life. He could suppress the immediate need for sex with a jerk-off in the shower. But the desire to dominate, to seduce and capture a submissive, to break her down to tears, and rebuild her through orgasms and pleasure while playing out a scene? There was no replacement for that to be found in his bathroom.

Tossing the last of his coffee into the sink, he rinsed it down, rinsed the mug, and made the decision. He’d let Tits settle in, and he’d spend the weekend in the city. Perhaps that space would even things out for the both of them.


“So what,” she said out loud. So what if there was no sign of the man who had left her a panting, wanton, needy woman? What was it to her where he was, anyway? She hadn’t come here for a man for goodness sake!

Taking yet another load of items from the back of the van, she paused, staring across the yard to where his windows glinted in the sun. His truck wasn’t visible from this side of the house. And she had no plans to go knocking on his door and kiss him brainless.

Shaking herself out of her reverie, she carried the next load inside.


She slumped on the couch, head back, eyes closed. No sooner had she gotten the van emptied than the moving truck had arrived. Eight hours later, things were in her house, in their proper rooms if not the exact place she wanted. And she was wiped out.


That would be her first order of business. With a sigh, she found her purse and pulled out a granola bar. Looking at it distastefully, she opened it and gnawed away. A proper meal would have to wait until tomorrow, when she returned the van to the nearest metropolis, which of course wasn’t much of a metropolis at all. After that she’d pick up the car she’d ordered. Then she could begin the real task of settling into her new home, including a stop at the grocery store. Granola consumed, she trudged upstairs to take a shower. Out, dried, moisturized, she was ready to fall into another deep slumber.

She wouldn’t spend two seconds thinking about her neighbor and his incredible strong arms holding her down, the playing out of a long-time fantasy of being controlled, kissed deaf, dumb and blind.

Not for a minute would she remember the press of his body against hers, his bare chest pressing against her breasts, and the thick turgidity that nestled perfectly against her, like two mated puzzle pieces.

She fell asleep, hand to her belly, tingling.


He parked in the spare lot at the club. Hopefully Jim wouldn’t mind him spending the night flopped on one of the spare couches upstairs. Good friends didn’t need an invitation after all. The sky to the west looked foreboding, wind kicking up the flag streamers at Mason’s Acura dealership next door. The flags made a sound similar to a nine-tail as it whooshed towards its target, as well as the crisp, sharp snap it made upon impact. He grinned. OH yes, he definitely needed to be here. His fingers tingled at the thought of beating a lovely round bottom. Any round bottom.

Inside, the memory of hot green eyes floated.

He pushed that memory aside as he crossed the lot and headed inside.




5 thoughts on “Neighbor (3)

  1. You know, there is that saying of “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear…” Perhaps we need to change that just a tad… “When the sub is ready, the Master will appear..” and visa versa.

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