Yet another c-c-cold weather titty pic…dayam hasn’t it been cold almost everywhere (excepting you southern hemisphere peeps who have the opposite problem–extreme heat…thanks but I’ll take a warm snuggly blankie over a heat wave, anyday!)

I love that my flashlight overexposes my already pale skin…and gives a blue backwash as it fades into shadow…

Happy HNT…and if it helps at all…we’re almost at the mid-point of winter!



11 thoughts on “HNT-Chillin’

    1. 🙂

      I can’t believe I posted this on WEDNESDAY…such is life!

      (now I’ll be a day ahead for the rest of the week!)


  1. You totally threw me off this morning. I woke up thinking ok it’s Wednesday, then I see this….
    I thought maybe I missed a day or something. 🙂
    It’s lovely as always.

    1. yup. I blame it on frozen brain (it’s so draining, all these days and days and days below freezing. We did (eventually) hit 30 for about 2 hours yesterday!! It was like a heat wave!


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