Celebrate with kindled flame, cold recedes her spirit broken,

Winter will not be the same, when the warmth of Spring is spoken.

Half-way through the dark times, comes the light renewed and growing

Icicles shiver like broken chimes, As the farmer dreams of sowing.

Hail to Brigid, foretelling  Spring, though Winter snow will thrust and blow–

Let your heart burst free and sing, the gladsome song that all will know.

Spring is waiting just below, waning Winter moans and sighs

Pushing upward, melting snow, flowers burst to feast our eyes.


(picture credit here)



11 thoughts on “Imbolc

    1. Thank you sofia…there is hope. The days are growing longer, it’s dusk at 5 p.m. rather than full-dark, and we can see an end…I’m starved for color. Here’s hoping that groundhog doesn’t see his shadow and we have a rapid slide into Spring!


    1. you’re so welcome, abby…there is nothing like that tender reminder that we’ve gotten through the darkest time, and are headed for the freshness of spring…these can be the stormiest days ahead–but that hope is there, and can’t be quashed by snowflakes….!


    1. Thank you miredsylph! We’re half-way there! (and it’s going to hit 40 today (FORTY??? Wow!) We’ve been in sub-freezing weather for so long I forgot what 40 felt like (tee shirt time!)


  1. Is that today? Wonderful!
    Thanks for sharing this, it’s beautiful.
    Oh, we finally got snow in my part of the states. Something like 11 inches, this is the first significant snow we have had. We are loving it.

    1. Wow…11 inches is lovely! almost all our snow is gone…what is left was frozen hard…but it’s been 40 these last two days, so a lot of melting. A few towns away from here…less than 12 miles SOUTH of us, they still have close to a foot on the ground. We might get more next week…gosh I hope so! and then spring can come!


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