nilla rambles…

Cross your fingers…I might –maybe– get to see Master today. You know, I got my hair cut in early January, and He hasn’t even seen it yet in person? Wild. So if I can get my shit together, we should manage a nice hook up. Am hoping for a longer one next weekend as I have a large chunk of unprogrammed, un-child-burdened time…and will try to coerce Him to go to dinner with me. 🙂

I suddenly have a plethora of stories just begging to be written, and am working on two of them. The story with reader fantasies is still in process as well (I haven’t forgotten them, I just want it all together before I publish that one.)…and I have a few requests that are cogitating in my head.

Like the one (from a Dominant) that asks me to describe the experience of sub-space. I’ve been pondering that, thinking through the times I’m with Master, and trying to see how to capture that experience. It’s hard, don’t you agree, subsisters and subbrothers? Because the experience isn’t always the same each time. So feel free to weigh in on the subject, here or by email (it’s in the sidebar there). I’d be interested in your thoughts and will include them in my post if you wish.  🙂

The weather these last 2 days has been nothing short of fabulous. In the 40’s! FORTY! That’s like…75 in the spring. A-mazing. No coats, tee-shirts, lots of smiles. No coats, mittens, gloves, hats or need for multiple layers. I swear everyone was near to breaking into song there was so much happy up here in the north. It’s been below freezing for 9 of the last 10 days. This was a welcome break. But there is snow (and egads! Ice!) in the forecast for next week…and I’ll welcome that as well. Well–not the ice. I hate that. But snow? Oh, yes, send us snow…My birthday is next weekend and I still LOVE getting snow for it.

And did I mention that I hope to see Master today?

(excited much?)

Have a good rest-of-the-weekend, pervie peeps!