White Rabbit

They walked down the street giggling. Three women, different ages, heights, sizes, but the best of friends. From the way the three heads were together, passersby could tell that they were telling silly stories, perhaps even naughty ones, considering where they were walking.

“You promised me my first trip to an erotic store…I had no idea that there was an entire neighborhood devoted to it!”

Chris prodded her friend.

“Look at that one!”

Staring across the street they saw the sign. A little bunny, snow white, had it’s paw touching a sign that simply said “White Rabbit.”

“White Rabbit? Is that like a rabbit vibe? I hate those,” said Chris.

“White Rabbit could refer to Alice in Wonderland, as in the allegory of falling into the rabbit hole,” said Emily, the most literal of the three. Her voice, envied by her friends, took on its customary phone-sex tones.

“Sounds good when you say it,” jibed Amy, elbowing Emily as she laughed.

“Sounds dirty when she says it,” giggled Chris. “And I vote that we go in!” Hooking her arms through those of her friends,  she tugged them across the street, chanting “Wabbit! Wabbit…where are you you waskly wabbit!” under her breath, to the helpless giggles of the other two women.

“Hush, now,” said Amy, giggling. “You’re going to get us pitched out before we even get in!!”

They pushed the door open and all but fell inside. Peering around the interior, there was nothing. Dark blue drapes lined the walls on all sides, except for the door. Outside was sunshine, but in here it was dark, sultry, and somehow, sexy, despite the lack of visible sex toys.

“Maybe they have them in another room. To…you know…protect their clients from the prying eyes of the outside?” Chris thought that was a good idea, actually. Though with her luck, the first time in a sex toy shop…and there was nary a nipple clamp, nor rabbit vibrator in sight.

“Good afternoon, ladies.”

The curtains at the far side of the room parted.

“Omahgawd.” Chris whispered. “His voice is as sexual as yours, Em!”


Her friends hushed her quickly, as an enormous black man moved towards them. His head was bald, making Chris swallow hard. She had a big ‘thang’ for bald guys. He canted his head to one side, giving them a quick look and a smile as wide as the Mississippi. The gap between his front teeth gave him character, thought Chris, knowing that little detail would show up in one of her stories someday.

“Welcome to White Rabbit. Your first time, my dears?”

They nodded as one.

“This is not a ‘store’–that is, our clientele doesn’t come here to purchase the newest dildo.”

Emily bit her lip, trying to keep the giggles away. He’d drawled out the word, “dildo” so that it sounded even more dirty. If ever there was a crap word it was that one. She often wondered, in those deep-thinking moments, why they weren’t called something nicer, like sex friends or something like that. Dildo sounded like something you hid in the darkest reaches of your drawers when your mother in law was coming to visit. Which is of course what she did, but still. Her attention was caught by the mellifluous tones of the…sales man? Emily wondered what his role was. Maybe if she listened instead of going off on one of her thought-rambles she’d find out!

“Please, if you will, follow me?”

With a grand sweeping gesture, their guide ushered them between the curtains and into a hallway. The lighting here was different, subtle. Like the front room, the corridor was lined with blue velvet draperies, with sections somewhat open.

“Your rooms are down here. Do you choose to stay together or have separate spaces.”

The women looked at one another. Safety in numbers was the rule of thumb.

“Together,” they said, almost in unison.

“Very well,” he said. Continuing down the hall he stopped before an opening.


He held the drapes apart. Inside a good sized room were three cots, separated by curtains. It wasn’t quite hospital-like, but the image was hinted at, thought Emily.

“Wait…wait a minute here. What is this?” Amy stopped, looking around the room. Yet it was bare except for the ubiquitous drapes…and the cots.

“Your guides will be here momentarily.”

Even as he spoke the drapes parted and three men came into the room. The women looked at one another, then their ‘host’.

“Look,” Emily said. She was the most strong-willed of the group. “We’re not here for a sexual encounter. We…all of us…have –”

“Yes, yes, I know. Doms or Dommes in your life. I understand. Please consider these droids as what they are. Here to assist you.”

“Wait…they…aren’t real?”

“No. They are machines. A very advanced form of dildo, if you will.”

“oh myyyy” Chris almost breathed the word.

“This is a sex parlour?” Amy sounded curious.

“Of a sort you’ve never imagined. They can stay or they can go,” he said, indicating the droids. “They can…assist you in your fantasy fulfillment, or they can merely be here to monitor you.”

“Oh my, indeed,” said Emily.