White Rabbit (2)

The smile on the face of their ‘guide’ was just short of challenging.

“How does it work?” This from Chris, who, while adventurous, was also cautious. Amy and Emily nodded. Each had reservations–yet each was titillated, too. This was turning into some adventure.

“I,” and the large man tapped his chest, “am Antoine, your dream-guide. Here you will take a pill–”

“Whoa, no drugs…”

“I have swallowing issues…”

“I don’t take amphetamines…”

The three woman spoke at once. Antoine held up one large hand, forestalling any further protestations. Emily figured he was likely used to them. This didn’t really seem to be the kind of hang-out that a junkie would be found in.

“Ladies. This is a drug-free establishment. The “pill” is actually a mini bot. It will send little doses of energy to your spinal column, activating the deep center of your brain where dreaming generates. You’ll experience your fantasy dream as if you’re living it, submerged within the dream, with no physical interactions. It will be like you are an actor in a play of your own imagining. You can’t control it while you are there, you can only experience what you’ve indicated once your intakes are completed, a process that takes only about ten minutes.”

The idea of some thing running rampant in her body was unsettling, and judging by her friends faces, they felt the same. Chris spoke up.

“How is this…this…bot-pill discharged from our bodies.”

“They will dissolve almost totally; a small particle will be excreted from your body by normal bowel movement within a day. It is likely that you won’t even note it’s passing.”

“Can we be harmed? If our fantasy is to be…I don’t know…kidnapped by a gang of bikers and ruthlessly used…will we be harmed here in our real bodies?”

Chris smiled at Emily. She was so …methodical. One of her many endearing character traits. She was classy, smart, tender. Unwilling to let people see that tender center, always protecting it, but sometimes it showed.

“No, little one. You cannot be physically harmed here. You will have physical responses…orgasms, flushed body, all the physical things that a person feels during sex, you will feel. And if you decide to use the bot-dildo’s, they will know the appropriate time to ….turn on.”

Chris giggled. She couldn’t help it–the mellifluous tones of the dream guide were just so –so fantasy story. And for this guy to call their tall friend “little one” was amazing. She was tall, the gene-lucky bitch! She herself was short, but as she said to her friends, she made up for her lack of height in circumference!

“Something amuses you, young lady?”

“No…I get the giggles often. It’s my curse.”

She giggled.

“Will it cause any long-lasting effects?” This from Amy.

“You may be tired. A meal is provided after your…adventure…to renew you.”

“There doesn’t seem to be much…traffic in here…”

“Most of our clientele come in the evening. One presumes you ladies,” and he looked at each of them for a long moment, “are off on a grand adventure.”

“Just visiting the area,” Chris said. “And how long does this process take? How long will we be under?”

“As long as it takes you to sleep, not too long after the bot is swallowed–”

Chris interjected yet again, earning an almost stern look from the guide, and an eyeroll from Amy that she caught out of the corner of her eye.

“Swallowing issues…”

“We have  a device that will shoot the bot down the back of your throat.”

“Like a cock?”

This unexpected comment from Amy made them collapse in laughter. Even their guide broke into his gap-toothed smile.

“Something like that, yes. Naughty.” Yet his amusement was clear.

“Shall we proceed to the paperwork? Or shall I escort you to the street?”

“Give us a sec, ‘k?”

He inclined his head, stepping through the curtain.

Emily gave a distrustful look to the drapes that had fallen back into place.

“You know, he could be right behind that curtain listening…”

“In which case he’ll hear a logical discussion on the merits…or demerits..of trying this, right?” Amy spoke crisply.

“Well, I’m in!”

“You always are, Chris. Forever jumping with your eyes closed. He didn’t answer how long we’d be under…”

“We can ask if we go through the process. We don’t know the cost, either.”

“Well, a dildo runs from $20 to $60 bucks…maybe a hundred? That’s a bit rich for my budget, since I’m just here the weekend…” Chris thought about it. “Not sure how that charge would look on my credit card statement when I get home and hubby sees it…”

She shrugged, giggled again.

“Well, that would be the first thing then, to–”

She was interrupted by the parting of the curtains.

“Ladies, have we made a choice?”

“How much?” Chris was Yankee direct.

“Your first time is discounted. Our fee is normally $85.00 per visit; your first fantasy trip will be $40.”

“And how long a ‘trip’ is it?” Amy asked.

“The process of setting up takes a few minutes. The actual fantasy approximately 30 minutes. Time in your sleep state does not march with real-time. It feels as though it does, but it does not. Some have fantasized weeks passing as they dream for their allotted half-hour.”

“Allotted?” Emily was quick to jump on the term. “Does that mean the bots are pre-programmed to shut our dreaming off then?”

“Your body moves through a progression of dreamstate…but in a manner of speaking. The materials the bot is made from will break down enough to stop stimulating the dreaming in that time.”

They looked at one another.

“We’re in!”

“Very good,” he spoke to them all, his teeth a brilliant contrast to his ebony skin. “Come this way and we shall begin.”

“Like falling down the rabbit hole,” muttered Emily as they moved through the curtains and into the dark corridor beyond.