Sorry, No Porn Here…



Okay, I *am* feeling much better. And i’m meeting my Master tonight, which is both unusual on a Saturday, and thrilling.

He can’t wait to see the big purple streak in my hair…He says He might like it.


Yesterday I was too miserable to write. Sorry. So today you are stuck with no porn (it doesn’t seem like most of the regular porn blogs I read have much going on either. Not sure what’s up with that–we rarely all go off at the same time like that.). I think Wordwitch has some new postings up.

But I dreamed the next chapter of one of my stories last night, so yanno…it’s in there…I only lack for time to get to it, at this point…

and on that note, I’m outta here. Time for work, and get on with my crazy weekend.

And yanno.