Hippy Bird Day Two Meeee!


It IS my birthday.

I’m celebrating in a low key way, but that’s the kind I like best. As of this moment in time, I’m here, totally alone. Wife and kiddo’s off to church, as I sit, bathed in sunlight and writing to you all.

And last night I got Master Time, which in and of itself is a wonderful gift. He walked in, carrying a blue bag. Leaving it on the table, He heads off to order His tea, and I look at the bag. Even the bag is funny, with a pic of a grumpy old man on it, saying happy frigging birthday. So totally Master humor…and mine. I was giggling like crazy when He returned, but i didn’t peek. Nope, I’m not a peeker, never have been. I like the surprise factor. The anticipation (that is true in my sex life as well…that long slow build up is so titillating, don’t you think?) is all part of the present for me.

He sits back at the table and bids me to wait. Pulls a *card* out of the bag. Yes. Master went to a store and picked out a card for me. A funny card. A somewhat sweet and rude card, which made me giggle like crazy. Because I always fart after He fucks my ass (well, doesn’t it stand to reason? Plunge air into a tube, and it’s gonna return to the exit, right?) –a source of great embarrassment for me, and amusement for Him…the Bastard! So the card is along those lines.

Then I can open my gift.

And I laugh.

And laugh…..


cookie“I don’t know of anyone else who has a cookie named after them, nilla,” He says, His eyes sparkling with mirth.

Can I tell you how psyched I was?

Super psyched.

Super. Duper. Birthday. Psyched.

He went to the store and got me a gift that speaks to me on so many levels. And …He picked out a card for me. You have NO idea what a gift THAT is. Huge. Ginormous. He doesn’t DO stores, you see. But He did…for me. I’m totally melted inside over that.

The only bad part was that it had to end. Because of my cold, no kisses…and He didn’t pinch or prod me, though He did give a good tug on my hair, after somewhat approving of the new purple streak. He doesn’t hate it. I think He wishes it was brighter? Whatever..but the bottom line is that He doesn’t dislike it. Phew! But eventually I was bundled into my car, and headed off to home.

I’m going to spend today being totally self-absorbed. I’ve done laundry, of course, or else it will grow and chase me around the house tomorrow….but other than that, it’s a day of total self indulgence. I’m sitting watching the Weather Channel (yes, i *am* a weather geek, thank you very much) and drinking tea and eating orange-marmalade slathered toast and relaxing.  I’m almost over my cold, so having a quiet day will be good for me. Later the family will do a small (but guaranteed to be loud) party for me, with laughs and prezzies and take out food.

The day is sunny, the snow is still white, and I’m going to go make another cuppa. Ya’ll have a super day, too. Yeah, really. Go do something wonderful for yourself, and say nilla told you to. I’m generous that way, you know.