All’s Quiet on the nilla Front…(and rear)

Master and I were supposed to have a play day tomorrow. But then I got sick, and we decided to postpone. He can’t have fun torturing me if I’m sick enough that He’s worried about me, right? 🙂  Fortunately I’m feeling much better, but I agree He made the right call. Plus…there could be more snow tonight, though there are so many different scenarios that we know we’ll get anywhere from 4 inches to 40.  Yeah. Not good concensus there. 

I am hoping that He will get a wee bit of time to see me Sunday night when I’m in the City. But for now, it’s quiet here. No torture. No fucking. No hair pulling. No tit torment. No biting.


I’m okay. We’ve postponed for a few weeks–and maybe it will finally stop snowing (though March can be pretty iffy up here in the Northeast–wouldn’t be the first time we’ve had to postpone a March playdate due to snow!) and be a bit balmier? Oh, how I wish. Even *I* am tired of snow. Like for real. Just. Fucking. Stop. 

Enjoy your weekend, pervie peeps. It’s going to be quiet on the blog, so enjoy your holiday weekend (American peeps). I’ll be back again on Tuesday or Wednesday…until then, play dirty (and send me details!)!