Honey (1)

He walked up to the blonde at the bar.

“Hi, I’m John. I’m looking for Honey?”

A voice from behind him spoke.

“Okay, buddy, you’re under arrest for solicitation.”


Before he could turn, he was pressed hard against the bar, his right hand cuffed, then his left. He tried to look over his shoulder, to explain.

“No, really…”

“You have the right to remain silent,” came the female voice behind him.

“Bu-but…no! My name is John! Oh my gawd…listen to me!”

“Are you resisting arrest?”

She slammed him against the counter. He felt pressure on his crotch, a warm breath against his ear. “If you’re resisting, you might want to rethink that…or you’ll pay with your balls.”

He shook his head hard, no.

“Good boy,” she said, her voice carrying both sarcasm and a sexual heat that unnerved him.


“Move it, loverboy.”

He was steered towards the door. Someone stepped into his path, made him stumble. She grabbed him by the hair, tugging him upright.

“Okay, troublemaker.”

A heavy leather hood was tugged over his head. There were no eye holes, but he felt air on his lips. Panic swirled through him, as she pushed him through the crowd. His attention was split between moving his feet, staying upright, and breathing. He was pushed up stairs, stumbling before he caught the rhythm of the steps. He stumbled again when they reached the top and the stairs ended. Her laugh was definitely sarcastic, clearly heard. He decided there must be ear holes as well, though there was nothing under his nostrils. He drew a deep breath through his mouth, trying to be calm. She wasn’t bigger than him. He could pummel her if he had to…though she did have a gun, right?

A hand slid between his legs, cupping his balls and rubbing at his cock.

“Seems like you might be ‘armed’ here, carrying a big club like this in your pants, slut-boy.”

He tried to speak but the mouth hole wasn’t that big. There was a rattle behind, him, and something fastened around each wrist. He didn’t know what the fuck was going on. He’d set up the date through the highly recommended website, and had met  Honey online. They’d agreed to meet here, tonight. Warm hands tugged at the cuffs, and he felt them fall away.

“Okay to pull now.”

There was the sound of a metallic whine, and his hands were tugged from behind his back, to an upwards arch as if he were doing jumping jacks.

“Good boy.”

Hands worked at his belt, his fly.

“Hey! Hey stop that!” Yet the words came out as grunts through his mask.

The word “rape” floated through his head. What man got forced into sex, he wondered. He cringed as her nails raked through his groin hair, tugging the ends. Those same nails slid inside his boxers, tugging everything lower, lower, until jeans and underwear were pooled around his ankles, effectively holding  him in place.

The mask was tugged from his head, quite unexpectedly. He blinked in the light of the room. He was standing under a floodlight.

“You’re very well put together.” A hand moved into the light, clad in a black satin glove as far as his eyes could see. It cupped his balls, weighing them.

He cried out when the hand squeezed.

“He cries, but his cock likes the attention.”

It was true, his shaft had leapt to life with a visible twitch, and began to strengthen, lengthen.

“he’s very pretty.”

Another voice came from the darkness that surrounded the bubble of light he was displayed in. His wrists gave another jerk, and he watched in disbelief as they moved up, up, until he was splay-armed.

“Step out.”

He couldn’t quite see her, his body cast a shadow across her face, but the voice was the one of the cop who’d arrested him.

“Where am I? Why are you doing this? You can’t arrest me…you can’t –”

“Shut up, fucktoy.”

She rose in one lithe move, after helping him step free of his pants. Clad in the most outrageously sexy get up, she looked like she’d been poured into liquid paint. The light curved around her tightly covered breast, her cleavage enticed. His cock jerked again.  Before he could protest further, she shoved something into his mouth. It was hard, with a rubbery yield. He shook his head, but she fastened the straps behind his head, tight enough to bite into the corners of his lips, as her eyes bored into his. Though he tried not to show it, she intimidated the fuck out of him.

“I hope you’re sharing.”

This voice came from behind, smoothing over his butt.

“It still has clothing on.” The pout was obvious in her words. Hands slip up inside the back of his shirt, even as the woman in front began to slowly unbutton it.

“You’re going to have a very…full…evening, my friend.” She shook her head, a mocking laugh escaping her glistening ruby lips. “John, looking for honey.  I really can’t believe you fell for that, you sexy idiot.”

Hard nails raked down his back, making him arch away, hissing at the unexpected pain. A quick hard smack on his hard shaft made him rear back with a gag-muffled shout.

“Can I spank it?”

“of course. Be gentle with it. It doesn’t know what to make of this…yet. Do you, pet?” She trailed  her glove clad finger over his lip, before slapping his face. It didn’t hurt, but it did humiliate.

“Clamps,” She said, turning to someone unseen in the room beyond.

Dear gawd. What had he fallen into?





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