Before W/we Meet

I sent Him a titty pic. I was pinching my nipple and feeling flirty.

He responds that I’m “milking” it…which of course makes me laugh.

I did apologize–“Sorry, I should leave that for You to do.”

“Clamps will do it”

“Oh, I haven’t had much practice with clamps of late.”

I know. I know. Sometimes I amaze myself with my own ability to shoot myself in the foot.

“Put them on tonight–two weights”

I admit I read that one twice. Swallowed hard, then whipped off my reply.

“TWO? On my virgin nipples? More that’s mean.”

“Man…MAN that’s mean…NOT “more”!!! Definitely not more!!”

“What – you want more – what a trooper”

We exchanged a few more texts, and then this one stopped me cold.

“OK – stick to the clamps and weights; BTW – this means no O tonight; can’t interfere with pain.”

“GASP! OMG that’s mean. Uber-mean.”

“Nah, just wait until after Like Day….”


He definitely ramps things up before a meet, yet this was unexpected. And I had decided to NOT have an O last night, thinking I could have one tonight (Monday). I always get an O on Tuesday (Like Day…because He does like me!)

On the way home from work I called Him, thinking I wouldn’t even reach Him since it was earlier than usual…but hell if He didn’t answer AND issue one further edict.

“If you write tonight…and I know you’ll write tonight nilla….you wear those clamps, you hear? I want to picture them hanging down, pulling your nipples, making you feel.”

So here I sit, writing. The weights on the clamps didn’t feel so bad in my hand, but after 20 minutes on my nipples, pulling them down to my toes (or so it feels)? OH, yes. I feel them. And I’m turned on as hell. And I can’t touch, can’t orgasm, just have to…hang here. With my nipples being pulled to the floor. And Him 40 miles away, yet oh, so close as I feel the burning pain that He fed me.

And when I go to bed, and say my prayers, I’ll add a note to the goddess that I hope it doesn’t snow late on Saturday so that I get to spend some real quality time with the sadist who hurts me so good, from so far away.

One thought on “Before W/we Meet

  1. Oh he is an imp. 🙂 And for your ability to stick your foot in your mouth… It wouldn’t be you if it didn’t happen now and then. 🙂 Sort of like my daughter not being a klutz. LOL!

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