He Stirs the Fire

Monday night..no orgasm, much pain. Nipples aching (clamps on, clamps off, clamps on…) as I fall asleep cradling them. I wake to His text “Enjoy today fully–you will find the rest of the week…uncomfortable.”

Gods above and below…I’m burning with the slow burning embers of His fire. I may immolate before Sunday…


About vanillamom

For over 8 years--(EIGHT?!) nilla and M have been a D/s couple. I'm the "small s" side of that designation, as he often reminds me. I'm silly and prone to giggling at inopportune times. He's a wicked Sadist, who feeds me my drug of choice--pain. My brain is always spinning dirty and dark little fantasies, which I sometimes share with the world. Welcome to the nilla-verse. It's wet and slippery here...with a dragon or two lurking.
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5 Responses to He Stirs the Fire

  1. greengirliam says:

    He’s good, that one. I’ve found (though I don’t know that I’ll ever have the courage to tell Him) that I am less irritable, more focused on him, more pliable, more open to his suggestion when I’m needy like this. God forbid he ever figure this out about me. Good for you that your master has, he plays you well.

  2. abby says:

    So the delicious build up begins…and He is soooo good at it!
    hugs abby

  3. michelle says:

    He’s good. Very good.

  4. Wordwytch says:

    It won’t matter if it snows or not. You’ll be so “on fire” that everything within a 100 mile radius will melt. 🙂

  5. SirQs MLB says:

    Oh he IS wonderful!!! He keeps you … on fire!


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