Oooh…it’s gonna hurt…

nerves fluttering, restless, in my belly

nerves fluttering in my clit

need flaring deep in my pussy



*needing* an orgasm so bad that I tremble with it.

I want this.

The masochist in me needs this.


(a wee confession)

I always fear the pain.


That first blow on virgin flesh (or so it seems, ‘virgin’, after so long without this)–

the sudden shock as the explosion of hurting blossoms like a tulip in the hot sun.

The gasp

the OOOOOooooh…

the tears.

The next blow will come.

And another.

Until I




in acceptance–

and a bit of greed–

As His toys and hands mangle my body, setting bruises to rise,

welts to flare up

pain to ride through me like a white-hot tornado.

I crave it.

I fear it.

And then when I think I can bear no more–

He will pause. Kiss me. Stroke me with His hand. Give me a breath of encouragement.

And then?


Well, then I’ll fly.

12 thoughts on “Oooh…it’s gonna hurt…

    1. did…there was some yelping before the soaring…and the sound of fingernails biting into sheetrock walls….

      holy fuck I hate that pink brush…!


  1. My favorite line:

    “That first blow on virgin flesh (or so it seems, ‘virgin’, after so long without this)–”

    Let’s see… It only takes me about — what, I don’t know, two days? — before I start feeling like a virgin.

      1. literally made me laugh out loud (in my room, thankfully NO one heard me. OR thought it was hyenas or somesuch)….

        Like a virgin…smacked for the very first time…like a…


    1. oh Kayla…he told me something yesterday that I had absolutely *no* memory of at all! Soaring and totally gonzo!


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