Out of My Head

We met. Ate. Talked. Teased. Played with stickers. (He won…tho I did score one on his sternum… 🙂  )

I’m foggy with pain this morning. Thoughts disjointed. Laying low. Throb in my pussy.

(whispering as His hand moves against my pussy again…’nooo…hurts…oh…Master…OHH…!” as I cum, squirting into His hand…)

My ass, throbbing.

(come here nilla. He points to the floor between His legs, then a curving gesture. Up. Over His knees.)

My tits ache.

(mmmm NIPPLES! *sounds of biting and hard sucking*)

My body aches.

(pinches and name that implement and slaps and who knows what else?)

And my heart is filled to overflowing, even as my brain works to process what happened yesterday.

‘sall good, pervie friends.

11 thoughts on “Out of My Head

    1. thanks sofia…i was verrrrrry nervous before…and then I sit to eat with Him and it all falls away until we reach the room…and then time speeds up so fast…so fast…too fast.


    1. it happened…the earth shook, my plan failed…and all is glowing and aching and wonderful painful good.


  1. Yes, poor thing. I’ve heard about that kind of ache, pain, throbbing, lay-low suffering where you just can’t help, you know, crawling to the keyboard, in the midst of it all, to carefully write about it. Yes, I understand… completely. ; )

    1. hahahahaha…see? this is why i adore you to pieces.

      favorite line…”crawling to the keyboard… to carefully write it about it”….

      hahahahaha! Truer words my friends.

      (and yanno, can’t disappoint the peeps who were out there pullin’ for a great playtime…!)


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