Thank You Master

No, that’s not what you think, actually, that “thank you, Master” up there in the title.

I know many of you that serve a Sir or Ma’am or Master must say “thank you *fill in the blank with your Dominant’s title*” and perhaps even “may I have another?”.

This is not that post.

Master doesn’t make me say thank you– He actually prefers to hear me curse Him, and say nasty words as He works me over. I never see when the blows are coming. He either blindfolds me or I stand with my nose on the wall and can’t see.

And okay, I close my eyes tight since I’m kind of a coward. Yes, even if I’m not wearing the blindfold.

Stop laughing. You’d do it too, I bet.

No, this is a very, very VERY big thank you to my Master, who is not making me write about an epic and totally embarrassing incident during our playtime. Thank You, Master, for not subjecting me to abject humiliation. (and yes, I’m still blushing)

I do also need to thank You, Master, for a truly awesome, and incredibly painful OTK spanking. You haven’t done that in a long while, and it is always a humbling and erotic event. And yes, I’m shifting in my seat from butt-cheek to butt-cheek as I write. The results of that spanking are still being felt today.

Is is wrong of me to say that I definitely didn’t ‘enjoy’ that game of ‘name the color of the implement’ even though I was amazingly good at it? I’m really glad I posted that header picture this week and have looked at it bunch of times, Master. And someday I’m going to write and tell Sir Wolf exactly what I think about that gift. Then again, maybe he won’t appreciate me calling him a “fucking bastard” the way You do.



Your aching and bruised and still very tired slut nilla

15 thoughts on “Thank You Master

  1. Of course, now that you mention it, you have us ALL wondering what on earth you did. 🙂

    As for dear Wolf. He’d laugh. He’d also tell you that his parents were married… eventually.

    Looking forward to all the sordid tales.

    1. Let’s just say…I didn’t mention it by *my* choice…. 😀

      Hahaha…oh, I did think some very mean things about Wolf while we were playing that little game…likely deserved, eh? (giggling)


      1. oh, um…you know, the usual stuff…I think it should be a blogpost. 😀 (grinning widely!)


  2. Oh such a tease……my brain is working over time! That the day after, pain is so nice, even better if it is 2 days after!
    hugs abby

    1. oh yes…much of the immediate “omg i can’t move” pain has diminished, but i’ve still got a low humming buzz going…


    1. got them all right, too. with my eyes masked AND closed. I’ll take “Painful Implements for $2000.00, Alex”…


      1. Yeah, me too, laughing out loud. I’m working on a literary fairy tale right now. Carpentry work is non-existent. I’m trying really, really hard not to panic and tell myself something good is going to come from all these stories I’m writing. I’ve also decided to be a better neighbor and comment at my dear friend, Nilla’s blog more often.

        Now, where were we…

        “Painful implements for $2,000 dollars, says the contestant who can’t keep her butt-cheeks on the stool…

      2. sending “whammies” that carpentry work begins to show itself as the snow melts (if it ever does)…and I guess I know who to call if I decide to take down/rebuild my shed. How do you feel about skunks? 😀

        I’m glad you’re writing. I’m not sure anyone can make a career off of erotic writing (sigh)…and I get all bolluxed up in my head when I think about trying. Blogpost? No problem. Writing for publication? omg. Insta-freeze.

        And thanks for swinging by and commenting. I love hearing your voice anytime. But you coming here is very special.

        (not sitting hard in a chair, but not shifting so much…)
        (I’ll take How Many Until a Yelp for $300, Alex)

  3. Wow, and you call HIM the sadist??? Seriously?!?!?! That’s just MEAN!!!

    Nilla’s Master…that was cruel and that’s your job…not hers…you should now require an explanation…on ZNN day to make it worse. Wait, that’s just mean of me. Sorry…I got carried away.

    Nilla, I am so glad you had fun and yes, I close my eyes too unless required to keep them open =)


    1. LOL…

      Well..who do you suppose had me *write* that part, eh?

      I had a blast. And He rarely has me open my eyes…omg I am not sure I *could*….


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