Very Pictoral HNT ~ A Visit With Master

A week before we met I got a wild hair.

Walking through the mall after my pedi, I came upon one of those jewelry booths. Now, I’ve had 3 piercings in my ears before, long ago, but the third hole kept closing. I decided on the spot that I’d give it a go again. And while hemming and hawing over which earrings I wanted, I saw these hoops, too. (I also saw a wicked kewl belly ring piercing…a blue-sapphire stone octopus!!! Yes. Tentacles on mah belly. But no. I wasn’t foolish enough to do that. (yet))

And the girl comes over and she says the hoops are for cartilage piercings. Long ago I had my cartilage done but had issues with that, too. And back then they didn’t use hoops to pierce with.

But they do now.


earringsI did NOT check with Master first.

This was a total impulse deal. Master had not seen them, other than this photo, IRL. So during our meet? He slaps them. Flicks them with His fucking flicking finger.


He did.

He doesn’t hate them. He may even kinda like them, though He did say (and I quote) “You look like a fucking gypsy!” By the end of the evening He seems to have come around to liking them a bit more than at the start of things. Phew!


He attacked me in the bathroom. Yes. While i was *trying* to get ready! HMPH! Does the Man have no decorum? (Will I die for saying such blasphemy?) I was totally shocked, totally ‘roughed up’, pinched and squeezed and slapped and generally brutalized.

I loved it.


In the bathroom? Isn’t that…yanno…my ‘safe’ zone?

When we were talking the other evening, I told Him that. That I had thought the bathroom was a “safe zone”…His  laughter interrupted my little speech. I frowned at the phone as He laughed that deep, belly-laugh of total amusement.  And maybe I pouted a little bit. The laughter ends, but there is a big smile in His voice, still.

“Oh nilla, there is NO safe zone once we are together.”

“Well, I know, You’ve said in the past,I’m not “safe” once the door is closed and locked–”

“Fuck that! From the moment we walk into the lobby, slut.”

Damn if that doesn’t make me all tingly, too. And it’s true, He has gotten me good in the elevator several times.  He laughs again, then snorts.

“Safe zone? My God nilla.”

I can all but see Him shaking His head at such silly slut ideas.

first night crop

Yeah, that’s my right arm and side there. Fucker got me good, He did. This, by the way, was taken as soon as I got home. Yes, these are same day bruises. (I bruise *that* easily, AND He pinches *that* hard!)

There was one bruise on my side that caught my attention just after I took the picture above…



…do you see it? Master gave me a heart!

Not so many bruises on the tits this time, only from His mouth (only, she says..!)…but remember that OTK (over the knee) spanking I mentioned the other day? OH, that was heady. It’s both embarrassing and a terrific turn on for me. It’s been a long while since I got one, AND a long while since He gave me one that lasted so long. This is the “first night” result…(and maybe a few crop and pink brush bruises dotting the landscape…)

bumNot a bad butt for a 55 year old slut who hasn’t walked in over 4 months. 🙂

And since Master always loves His slut to flash her tits, I shall conclude my little pervie peep show with this:





12 thoughts on “Very Pictoral HNT ~ A Visit With Master

  1. Such pretty bruises! That had to be some spanking…..i never have bruising like that you do….even with ‘basement’ visits. I love the earrings!
    hugs abby

    1. hi abby….it was without doubt one of His most brutal spankings…it went on for a long time. He also alternated with this small dog grooming brush he has…a few whacks with that, then scraping my butt with the wire side before hitting with his hand again “to soften your skin, make the blood rush up, make it hurt more”…

      geeze that makes me all hot and wet to “hear” that in my head again…


  2. It is a nice butt in fact :0 I have olive-ish skin – it scars but doesn’t bruise. And – also – i may be a good bit weenier than you. I think it’s awesome the match between you and your master – I’m so glad to hear the happiness in your voice.

    1. Hi gg…

      grinning at the “nice butt”…I’m just over worrying about it, yanno? It’s my ass and if it is big…so what, right? 😀

      Thanks…I am still kind of floating, and it’s a week later. Subdrob has become less of an issue for me..

      I’m not sure if I’m a weenie or not…I do sometimes hate what He does…(which is why he does it… sadists!!) but the float afterwards is so so soooo worth it.


  3. Beautiful, nilla!! He was full of surprises…bathroom, OTK…

    Live the purple in the last pic and your earrings are fab!!! But Yowsa you bruise spectacularly!! Wow!!!! And yes, fabulous ass!!!


    1. Thanks…I’m very fond of my purple and piercings…ha! That would be ALL the purple, in the hair and on the arms…

      I love looking at the progression of the bruises…some are deep and don’t show up for a few days…and boy did my butt hurt for 3 days after that OTK….


  4. I love your new piercings. 🙂 As for the bruises…. I am amazed as always. Amazed how fast and for how long you stay bruised.

    As for me, two weeks after I broke my nose, very little bruising remains. Wheee!

    1. I’m so glad your poor nose has healed up so fast! I am still very bruised, a full week later. My piercings, on the other hand, are healing very fast. Even the cartilage one doesn’t hurt so bad. Last time it hurt like fuck-all for months — I think the metal didn’t agree with me as I look back at it.

      Thanks sis!


  5. My first response to the bruise pics is always, OW! But today I thought about it a little.
    I am coming to really love the few marks Husband leaves on my body. They are few and far between, but I love having them.
    Last night he left me a nice hickey on my neck. Yeah…. 🙂

    I love the piercing! I want one just like that so bad. But… Husband is still getting over my nose piercing. But I keep hoping for the future.

    You can really see the purple in that little bit of hair there. Very pretty!
    Really great HNT today Nilla.

    1. thank you Rose….

      I love my bruises…i was totally blown away by how much my arms bruised (oh, super owey for several days…certainly kept Him in the forefront of my mind.) as well as my ass. His spanking was near-brutal…though I loved it. I am not brave enough for a nose piercing (I have wicked allergies)…but I too love my ear piercings…and they are healing SO good this time.

      thanks for the long and lovely comments, Rose!


    1. I know, what a dunce, eh? He is *still* chortling about that one. I am SO glad He let me do the purple…I LOVE it. It’s getting redyed this week, even tho I love it even faded to a “concord grape” color. Love my bruises…still have a TON of them…a week later. yummmy…


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