The pool dropped away, spilling over a man-made cascade. To Cassandra’s eyes it looked, as was intended, to be pouring into the ocean not far below. The restless sigh of the surging Pacific waters competed with the swish of the pool’s waterfall.

“The house is maintained by the owner, so if you have any problems during your stay…”

“I’ll be fine.”

She just wanted the obsequious woman to go the fuck away. Her bags sat in the foyer, and she couldn’t wait for the door to close her into this place of solitude. She needed the break. She needed to reconnect with her muse; she needed to write. Renting “Infinity” for three months seemed like a great idea when she’d been stuck in the snow-bound northeast. A balmy breeze wafted across the water, bringing foreign scents to her. Flowers, the tang of ocean, the tang of chlorine from the pool, all combined into a heady essence. Yes, making this decision had definitely been one of the best she’d made in a long while.

“Here are your keys.”

The voice brought Cassie into awareness. She still wasn’t alone. Quickly she took the keys, signed the last of the documents, and all but shoved the real estate agent out the door. As it closed with a quiet thunk, she fell back against it as if to hold it shut from the outside world. She stayed there, eyes closed, until she was sure the woman had driven away. So sound-efficient was the home that even the subtle hum of the agents car hadn’t carried inside. Though the view was distorted, she peered through the glass bricks framing the door.  No, the fire engine red convertible was no longer in the driveway.

“Thank you jeezuz,” she muttered.

Pushing off the door, she meant to wander through the house. It was so much more spectacular than the pictures online could show. The view out the front wall, a giant traverse of glass, transfixed her. The doors here folded open, and pocketed into the far walls. Outside the balcony area, the vast Pacific ocean glistened like cut gems under the noon sun. Beams of light cut through the green-blue water, throwing bright sparkles  up and into the house. There was so much light! The sea, restless as she was, dazzled Cassandra. Used to the greener oceans of Maine, this view was one of so many hues. Peacock blue, teal green, all frosted with brilliant white caps. The sky was clear, the blue stretching from horizon to horizon, a few silver threads of cloud off in the distance.

It was paradise.

“I could lose days just standing here and looking,” she spoke out loud, in part, she thought, to break the thrall the view had over her. Turning back to the foyer, she scooped up two of her bags and went in search of the bedroom. A job started was half done, she remembered her mother saying.

“So, we begin.”


Sunset had played havoc with her writing.

The laptop lay quiescent on her lap. It had fallen into sleep mode as her eyes roamed the incredible view. The water was painted in shades of pink, purple, peach, the sky and ocean merging at times so that it was impossible to tell where one began and the other ended. With a last resplendent explosion of deep orange-red, the sun slid below the horizon and the sky began to fade to black.

“Wow. Just. Fucking. Wow.”

She breathed in the salt-tinged air; the scent of some heady flower was a strong undernote. If she could capture this and put it in a bottle, she’d spritz the air with it, wherever she went. Smiling at her whimsy, she thought about waking up her computer. The pool lights came up, all softly muted rainbow hues.

“Ooooh.” Her small sound of awe didn’t carry far into the night.

Or, there was that.  Looking at the enticing water, she knew she had to be a part of it. Setting aside the laptop, she shrugged out of her sundress.

Her toe dipped into the water. Warm. Naturally. Slowly she descended the stone steps, the water lapping at calves and knees, thighs and pussy. Pushing off, she sliced through the water like an eel. Her head ducked under, her long hair streaming behind her as she moved through the comforting embrace of the water. Cresting at the far end, she gasped for breath. She hadn’t swum in ages. It had been a very long time since she’d done so nude. There was no comparison to the feel of warm liquid sluicing along ones skin. Her nipples rose at the kiss of evening air, but she wasn’t cold. Laying back she watched the stars popping out of the canvas of the sky.


He watched her swimming in the water like an eel. Smiling at her transparent joy, he thought about joining her. Not yet, though. Not quite yet.

21 thoughts on “Infinity

  1. Yes, first he had to prepare. There are so many details to consider. Appearance being the least of them. There would be only one chance to make a first impression. He was always liked to — well — he liked speechlessness. Yes. Speechlessness. That was always the first impression he liked to make. But not just any speechlessness. Stunned? No. There was a kind that was like — an inexpressible ‘je ne sais quois’ — that is impossible to define. It is a look in her eye. A scream but not quite a scream. Something else. Yes. Yes. That moment when she is overwhelmed by — Ah. A new woman. It was as if a new flower had appeared in his aquatic garden. Yes, he would be her devoted gardener. He must prepare his first impression very carefully.

    1. Fucking hell…our minds DO go there in tandem. Ha ha ha…if only you knew how much waffling I’ve done on this….yea God’s!

    1. ha! That would have been a GREAT angle. I trie dto write a porn ghost story once and couldn’t wrap my head around it. I did write an across-time story with a ghost and that worked. I double dare ya to try it.


  2. Yikes! And yet another one begins… i hope it’s a person though – tell me it’s a person and not some eel like creature itself… please? Please??? PLEASE!!!

    1. hahahahah…i read this while working and laughed out loud. No promises.

      absolutely none (i have NO idea where the muse is going with this one. Seriously)


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