What nilla Says to Sir Wolf

Dear Sir Wolf,

My Master is deeply appreciative yet again of your SO generous gift. I, on the other hand, am far less…enamored of it. Or them. Or…*flaps hand in the air*…whatever. The thing is, that little green bag seemed so innocuous. Those lovely handles. The seductive curve of the rubber straps. The smell of them, even.


oh HELL no.

Those fuckers…my GAWD, Sir. Those fuckers….*shakes head, looks skyward for words to describe them better*…yeah, fuckers it is.

There i am, you see, face to the wall. Forehead must stay there, per Masters “orders” (orders being His hand shoving my head against the wall and saying “stay there” in that mean terse voice that’s so annoying–and a damn turn on too, damn Him–). He pulls my head off the wall, slaps on the blindfold, then shoves my head back. Thunk.

I hear the sounds behind me. I have no idea what He’s doing back there on the bed. Sleeping? No, there is the sound of things being moved in His wicked bag of tricks.

“You know, nilla, someday you will have to write another letter to Wolf and let him know how very grateful I am for this bag of implements.”

There is nothing but silence then.

You know, Sir Wolf, that when you Marines want to, you can  be too fucking quiet  move so silently. I didn’t answer because…well, I know what’s coming. Or think I do. He puffs a hard breath into my right ear, which means He has moved from the 2nd bed all the way across the room, behind me by less than 5 inches, and I never heard a thing. And trust me Sir Wolf, I’m listening for all I’m worth. The fucker Master is just that good. I jump at least 3 inches into the air (quite a feat in 6.5″ heels) and shriek.


Like a fucking girl.

Yes, Sir, I know I’m a girl, but I don’t usually react to being startled that way. Shrieking. Sheesh.

I digress.

He has blown in my ear, and laughs at my discomfiture. I’m holding onto the wall and trying to slow my racing heart and not call Him the fucking Bastard that He is.

“You will, won’t you slut? Write Him a note for me? Let’s see, what should you say to show your deep gratitude for this gift?”

I think to myself “Dear Sir Wolf. You are a stinking rat bastard. Love nilla” but wisely do not say this aloud.

He taps me on the ass with one toy, not too hard.

“No, nevermind. Here’s something else. We’re going to play name that implement.”

He pauses again.

“No, no, that’s too easy for you. I think we’ll play ‘name the color of the implement. Specifically the handle of the impliment.”

My heart has fallen to my knees. He’ll keep hitting me until I guess it correctly. And some of those fuckers hurt like…like…well, like the tormentors they were created to be.

By you, Sir Wolf (you bastard).

Thank you?

He takes up the toy and whacks my butt with it.


AH FUCK…I try to climb the wall, unsuccessfully. I try to catch my breath. At this I am successful, finally slumping forward and gasping.

“Let’s do both sides so that you can get the full idea.”

And before I can yay or nay this (I know, not that I *ever* had a choice in that! but one slut can dream, right?) there is a harsh WHACK WHACK on the other side of my ass.

Now, I don’t remember which one He started with but I called out what I thought it was…and damned if I wasn’t right. He was kind of startled by that, thought it was a lucky guess. I am leaning more towards “subliminal learning” since the whips have been my header for over a week, and I see it every time I proofread something that I have written.

He strikes me with the next one…and I got that one too. First blow, even. Now He’s a bit amazed.

Third go, and I got that one. And the next…almost…I thought there were some that were bi-colored, but not the handles (tricky, Mr. Wolf. Verrah tricky, damn you.) He whacked me again and asked me to be more specific.

“WHITE!!” I yelp as it bites into my tender backside again.

“Well nilla,” He says, His voice a combination of proud and bemused. “I have no idea how you did that but you did very well. Very well indeed.”

And that, Sir Wolf, is how I freed my ass from the tyranny of that dastardly little green bag of yours. His. Whatever.

And thank you. No really, Sir, thank you. Master definitely appreciates the bag and all it’s rotten contents. Maybe next time we play, my ass will write you a letter. It will sound like “Poot”…it will smell foul, and mean “fuck you, Sir”. With love, of course. 😉



8 thoughts on “What nilla Says to Sir Wolf

  1. Well, now… I am quite glad you find these tools so stimulating. They were made by a dear sub who is a friend… gone now, I am afraid, so I regret not being able to pass your message of joy and glad tidings to him. He was a master artist at his craft, devious and thorough. He and his Dom tested the designs upon himself before they were released to others. There were a total of 35 designs, of which I have most of the plans and am able to reconstruct the rest. 24 of these were floggers, 5 were machines or large devices of a type, and the remaining 6 were strictly wall hanging material for a dungeon.

    Being engineers by trade, he and I would often work together to come up with designs and ways to accomplish a certain feeling. They became like the colors to paint with. Thuddy to stingy, intense to gentle, these became the dimensions, each of them occupying a portion of the envelope. We created some devices for show, designed to catch the eye and occupy the mind while the subject was denied use of their eyes. Perhaps our best work was done on devices which confine or create non-intuitive sensations when the subject moves.

    Only once was a wall hanger used, though it was not a scene. I was also security / safety at a club, and one particular person (I give him that, but refuse to call that a Dom) who was habitually abusive to their charge made the mistake of doing so in front of me. I used an 11 foot chain mail single tail to more clearly explain the necessity of his permanent departure. Never touching his skin, I turned the silk shirt he was wearing to rags, and the report of that whip sounded like a rifle. We never saw him again. 🙂

    In answer to your statement about Marines being sneaky bastards… Yes we are, and yes I am on all three counts. 🙂 We are also good stewards of those things we hold dear, and have a knack for being in the right place and time to resolve things before they become issues. We find the tools we need or make things happen despite their lack. We also see to each other’s needs, ensuring the success of our own mission as well as those of our fellow Marines.

    Your Sir is your Dom, but he knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that he may call upon me to help in the unlikely event that a need would arise beyond his current capabilities. This is one of the core parts on Marine training beyond the ethics and combat. We form teams and become more than we are as individuals. I perceived a need for tools. I had a surplus, some of which would probably never be used in my current context, but seemed ideal based upon your writings. Thus, he had the tools I felt would assist his effectiveness, and augment that which you need.

    Back to the toys. Should you and your Dom find that one particular toy is meets the need, but would be better if it was a little higher or lower on the thuddy-stingy or intensity spectra, let me know. As I said before there are 24 flogger designs alone, so there is no need to just make do, and this could bring the guess the toy game to the next level as well. 🙂 Seeing the toys used in this way brings a smile to my face… It is precisely why they were made.

    I am going to consult with others who have a vested interest in the toy designs, and see if I could post the parts list, construction details, use, and care instructions online. My intent is to make the designs open, as in open source, so that others may similarly improve their tool kits as well with a few trips to common places like Home Depot and some orders from Amazon. What are Your and your thoughts on this?

    Best regards,

    Sir Wolf

    • Dear Sir Wolf…thank you for your thoughtful reply to my posting. (You always make me smile…I can almost hear your voice speaking thoughtfully, yet with that hint of humor lurking…)

      I love the idea of building a kit of designs for other sub/Doms. I think Master and I are set. (laughing and covering my butt here!) I think it’s a viable idea, to be sure. There is nothing better than home made pervertables…especially since many of these type of “toys” available in online shops are both frightfully expensive and often poorly made.

      I have shared your comments with Master–not certain if He has read it yet…between His taxes and His own share of family drama this week, His life has been as topsy-turvy as mine.

      A sincere thank you this time. I do love/hate your toys…but am always honored and pleased to be friends to you and the ever delightful wordwytch.

      Hugs and much love,


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