Life is Better

It’s been a difficult week. I can’t go into details, but it’s been fraught with personal fears and worries for one that I love. It is also the anniversary of the death of my mother. There was a serious incident where I work as well. All in all? This week was a challenge. 

We’re through it, for the most part. There is great power in overcoming these sort of challenges. I’m sure I’ll be able to tap into it at some point in time. 😀 Right now I’m just feeling drained. Spending today recharging is the first order of business.

Thanks to people who sent private messages to me asking about stories that they’ve been waiting for. It cheers me immensely when people miss reading my tales…and I won’t leave you hanging too much longer, promise.

By the way, have any of you seen spring? It seems to be missing here in the northeast. I keep looking for it, but it slips away, always almost there at the corner of my vision. March is a cruel month, warm and sunny one day, then bitter with snow flurries the next. My fingers itch to dig in the garden, to get in there and clean up the detritus from fall and winter. (Unfortunately the ground is still frozen solid.) I, along with millions here in the northeast, are eagerly awaiting its final arrival.

Okay, I guess I’m done rambling for now. I had a thought for a story last night and I’ll just jump on into that. Happy weekend, peeps.


17 thoughts on “Life is Better

  1. Glad things are getting better, gotta love those speed bumps that life throws at us every now and again.
    As for spring, don’t give up, my allergies are telling me it is closer then you think.

    1. *looks out window at snow piles, leaf buds shut tight against the cold wind tossing the branches*.

      nope. not here yet.

      (but hoping your allergies are better)


    1. Yes…I think I should go check in on those neighbors. That would be the perfect story for today. This weather is for the birds (and they’d just been singing their mating songs over the weekend, too. Now they’re all hunkered down as the wicked wind blasts through. 24 degrees, 5 days before April 1st. What’s UP with that??

      Thanks for the kind words… means a lot…and the inspiration!


    1. Spring would be nice. As the snow receeded, i could see the very tops of my tulips and crocus breaking the soil surface…it will be a laggard spring bloom, i think. I’ll have crocus in April! Wackadoo!


  2. Oh nilla, so sorry it’s been such a tough week for you. Hugs. As for spring, mother nature needs her ass beat, cause I ain’t seen no signs of spring either 🙂

    1. That’s it! We need to cast a Dom circle to get that Spring beating. Fuck spring cleaning…she needs a whoopin’.

      LOL! Thanks for the smile, faerie!!


    1. thank you….it was a wicked week, totally filled with weirdness, totally out of my control, too. Things are better. And I’ll be better soon, too. Send spring if you see it. I think it looks like a little bunny? (I saw one the other day crossing the road, running hellbent for leather. I think he’s as tired of the winter with no end as I am.)


  3. I’m having a bad week too. Hugs all around! Also, spring here seems to involve snow, a little more snow and some freezing sleet/rain ick. So done with this.

    1. Yes!!! That’s it. So. DONE. With. This.

      Hoping your bad week resolved okay. There was some batshit crazy mojo here. I can honestly say I’ve never had a more bizarre week in my life, ever.

      now if I can just finally CURE this damned sinus/ear/throat infection….hoping that the 3rd round of antibiotics is the charm…


  4. Glad things are better – spring is popping out and then running back away here – a day of warmth, followed by – well, yesterday we hit 71, Wednesday night we’re back down to 21. Ugh. But eventually it will stay warm. i think.


    1. Gosh I hope so. You’re temp variations are WAY more grotesque than ours! We’ve hit almost 60…Saturday, I think, but only for a few hours. Most of March has been below normal, and by 10-20 degrees. brrr.

      Spring will come (or so I hear…)


  5. She is playing peekaboo with us here. I have had three sunburns already, followed by wearing coat, hat and gloves the next day.
    (btw, wearing a hat on a sunburned forehead doesn’t feel good)
    I’ve been thinking of you Nilla, hoping things are better.

    1. oh wow. sunburns? It’s not been warm enough for long enough for that here. Today it is 24 degrees and we’re in a “dangerous wind” thanks to that big storm off the coast. Being inland, we’re spared the worst of it, but still, gusts over 20 mph are making my trees dance. I’ve seen sprouts in the yard (at last!) and most of my yard is visable, tho there is still a fair amount of snow around. Someday spring will come.

      Hopefully before summer gets here.


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