Still Here!!

Hi Peeps,

I’m not sure why the Universe feels I need to keep leaping over these wacky hurdles, but there ya go. I’m under the weather *again*. The sinus infection that will not die. I feel like I have Brillo Pads stuffed in my ears. And my voice has gone from its normal light girlishness to this deep basso profundo, when I have a voice at all. No more whining, I promise. Just…geeze.

I had time with the Man this weekend. For several hours we chatted and teased and laughed. It was lovely. No one makes me laugh the way He does, and sitting right there in Starbucks as He embarrasses me half to death, He grins that grin and …yeah, the world is back to being good and level and sensible.  I even made Him laugh, once, one of those deep belly laughs that is so hard to tease out of Him. I smile even now, remembering it.

He is thrilled–remember all those O’s I got way back during the Superbowl for my winning bet? I got sick in the middle of using them, so I still had some in my “O-Bank”…and I’ve been doling them out carefully, until last week when I blew through the final 4.

Nothing could have made Him happier to find me with an empty O bank. “Oh nilla, the fun I will have, torturing you. You know, your pussy will look like a dry riverbed in the Sahara” He says.

And because I am a perverse and perverted creature, doesn’t that turn me on like crazy? (Yeah, it did.) I shift in my chair, feeling the sudden rush of wetness in my panties. He misses nothing. He knew exactly what His words were doing to me. Turned on, wet and wanton, needy–oh, sure, He knew. And when I fluttered my lashes at Him and asked for an O? He almost rubbed His hands together in an “Oh, goodie!” way. His eyes sparkled as He said “no fucking way, nilla”.

And then He laughed.

That wicked, Dominant-fucks-up-the-submissive laugh. If my “job” as the submissive is to please Him, then I’m guessing that my discomfiture at finding myself O-less AND turned on was exactly what He wanted. It makes me moist just to think about it, to want it that badly, yet to be denied. As I said…perverse. 😀


10 thoughts on “Still Here!!

  1. So I’m learning (don’t you love unsolicited medical advice?) Sprigs of eucalyptus in the shower hanging from the shower head. Lots of lemon in lots of water and peppermint oil in your nose. Will help clear things up.

    Sending you lots of healing love (both sinus and vaginal lol)


    1. It’s funny…all the things helpful to me I’m either allergic to (eucalyptus…love love love the scent of it, but it makes me sneeze my head off, which I’m already doing. :D) I’ve just tried the lemon in water…we’ll see how my stomach will take that. I am planning to try some Vaporub tonight…

      taking all the love and healing you send. 😀 So very tired of being sick. I am sure it’s related to the weather and not being able to be outside except to go to my car and go to work. I have walked ONCE this season. That’s what I think I need most. We’ve opened windows and aired out the house on any day the temps went above 40…only a handful of times…but I need to be outside, cleaning my gardens and embracing the spring…if and when it ever gets here.

      Longest. Winter. Evah.


      Okay, crabby grumpy over now.


      1. Looks out window at overcast sky, watching debris flying past in the winds…

        I sure *hope* so!!

        Thanks love!


    1. thanks abby. Perverse is what its all about–sometimes I struggle with that. Not about the submission, but my own “wants”…and then I return to a place of self-acceptance and move on.

      Hoping to feel better == someday. *frowny face* I’m SO sick of being sick.


  2. Love that you got to spend time with him and that it was good. Sorry you’re not feeling well – i have no health tips for you except get lots of rest. Oh, maybe a hot toddy. Hot toddies are good and clear up germs, right? And make you sleep.



    1. I’ve never in my life had a hot toddy. I all but fell into bed at 9 last night. Nine. Me. shocking, I know. Slept until 730 a.m. Who does that???! I’m sure I’ll be better if fucking Spring ever gets to the northeast. Today it’s a lovely 24 with a wind chill hovering around zero. Lovely. SMH. Thanks for the well wishes–sorry I’m so dour today. I am SO tired of being sick.



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