HNT Fun Camera Effects part 2

I’m not a photographer…words are my ‘medium’…but I’ve really been having fun playing with some of the options on my phone’s camera. To a “basic tit shot” picture, I added some “grain”, pulled out the color, and ~voila~

black n white…..a gritty black and white photo. This reminds me of a newspaper picture from the ’40’s doesn’t it? (not that I was around in the 40’s mind you!)

Or maybe a titty mug shot?


Happy HNT.

I think I’m the very last HNT person on the naughty web…many are doing Boobday on Friday. . . however, any day is a good day for titty flashing, right? 😀


About vanillamom

Six years into this gig, continuing to discover who I am on the right side of the slash--the "small /s side" as Master reminds me from time to time. We've been together from almost the start of my blog; He offers me His strength, and His sadistic glee--i give Him all I am. We're not 24/7, but are somewhat LDR. Here you will find stories of U/us and stories from inside my slutty imagination! Come along for the ride if you dare...but beware...often, here be dragons...
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2 Responses to HNT Fun Camera Effects part 2

  1. Wordwytch says:

    It’s a nitty-gritty-titty shot! 🙂

  2. Bill says:

    There’s a couple of mugs I’d like to get my hands on!!!!!!!!!!!

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