HNT–Full-faced nilla

Master has this picture of me that He enjoys looking at…and He has graciously allowed me to post it for HNT.

Of course, there has to be tits, you know, because Master is a tit guy and it is His rule that Thursday is Tit Day…

in fact, looking at that acronym up there, HNT, which used to stand for Half-Nekkid Thursday, I feel it has now morphed into my own personal acronym….. Happy Nilla Tit day!

I’ve been having a ton of fun at night playing with the camera options on my phone. I am *supposed* to be sleeping but sometimes I have trouble getting there, so I whip out my phone, text Master, take tit-selfies, and then play with effects. This is one of those pictures that I took when I was trying to find the perfect shot for Master (admit it — when you take selfies, you take a bunch of shots, and only post the best one to your blog or facebook, right?!) and it turned out to NOT be one that I wanted to send to Him. It did, however, present a challenge to make it better to see if I could make it a HNT picture that Master would enjoy here.


moodyHe has yet to weigh in as I type this — and of course I’m late posting this since I’ve been actually parking my carcass in bed earlier each night..which has cut into my writing and posting time….

Sometimes I think I have entirely too much fun playing with that phone. Learning to manage a new electronic device takes me some time…and now that I have the apps I enjoy and this newly discovered camera effects to play with, it’s amazing I close my eyes at all. (Just kidding, Master.)

Okay, so you’ve hung in here like the good reader you are…time for the big reveal…


are you ready?









…and it’s…..Full Faced Nilla