Still Here– Really!

Not much sexy stuff happening, tho there was a wee bit of pinchy pinchy with Master on Sunday evening…

And my vanilla world has once more expanded to take over all parts of my life…

And it’s Spring in New England and there are sprouts and sunny blue skies and almost all snow piles melted…and it’s alllll good.

And I hope to not be a stranger on my own blog for much longer…

5 thoughts on “Still Here– Really!

  1. Good to hear from you..hope spring and New England are still one….i am headed to Maine next week for lots of family festivities.
    hugs abby

    1. Oh, I hope you got here before it got cold again. It really was lovely for 3 days … then it snowed a bit, and it’s been quite chilly since. Brrrr. Pellet stove is running once more, sad to say. My pansies, planted in an excess of optimism, may not survive the new chilly blast. sigh. Hope Maine was fun…I LOVE Maine!!


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