Missing Him

The truth is, we spend very little time together. It’s the nature of any LDR, I know. And the fact that we get to spend any time on a regular basis, together? That’s a bonus, isn’t it?


But this weekend He is away, about 300 miles (482 kilometers) away, and there is zero chance of seeing Him other than if He remembers to send me the picture of Himself in a tux as I have begged Him for. Yes, I’m a greedy wench. 🙂

I mean really? He makes me all drooly when He’s wearing a sweatshirt. The few occasions I’ve seen Him in a suit, I’ve gone all gooey (yes, even that way!). In a tux? I’m sure I’ll be a melted puddle of slut. The Man turns me on, peeps.

But He’s away.

And though we are still in touch via texting…I am missing the holy fuck outta Him.


Until next weekend, I guess I will sit and stare at this picture of my Master, in His crisp shirt and tie…and drool a little bit.