Missing Him

The truth is, we spend very little time together. It’s the nature of any LDR, I know. And the fact that we get to spend any time on a regular basis, together? That’s a bonus, isn’t it?


But this weekend He is away, about 300 miles (482 kilometers) away, and there is zero chance of seeing Him other than if He remembers to send me the picture of Himself in a tux as I have begged Him for. Yes, I’m a greedy wench. 🙂

I mean really? He makes me all drooly when He’s wearing a sweatshirt. The few occasions I’ve seen Him in a suit, I’ve gone all gooey (yes, even that way!). In a tux? I’m sure I’ll be a melted puddle of slut. The Man turns me on, peeps.

But He’s away.

And though we are still in touch via texting…I am missing the holy fuck outta Him.


Until next weekend, I guess I will sit and stare at this picture of my Master, in His crisp shirt and tie…and drool a little bit.


9 thoughts on “Missing Him

  1. I so know how you are feeling, Master says nothing really changes when He is out of town…but it sure does feel different…
    hugs abby

    1. yes!! It *feels* different, even if we’re close enough via texting…it just isn’t the same.

      thanks for getting it!


  2. i love that picture! No wonder you drool a bit – and i can just imagine him in a tux! i know you’re missing him now… and hope the time passes quickly

    1. The tux…oh, it was lovely to see Him all dolled up like that. (He’d cringe at that phrase)… 😀

      He was back lickety split, but we haven’t managed to see each other and who knows what this weekend will bring…we shall see how that goes. That sounds pouty, doesn’t it? I miss Him, though.


  3. You know, there is a lot of truth in the phrase “the clothes make the man”. There are days that Wolf goes off to work and it is a damn sad thing… cause I want to rip his clothes off and… yeah.

    1. nodding…and …yeah. 😀

      God, they get us all hot and bothered …and then go off to do their thing…

      damn them! and yum.

      nilla, smiling

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