Our meeting for this upcoming weekend had to be postponed….it is another chaotic week in Casa nilla. Family life and a bunch of sundry things are keeping me moving 14 hours a day.  At this point, going to work in the evening is a small oasis in my day. I’m sad about missing our playtime…I really could use a good beating.

I have a whole post written in my head but no time to write it. I have stories that are begging to be told, but again, time is slipping away too quickly filled with other responsibilities. After next week the immediate hectic is over, and I’ll have time once more to sit and spin my tales.

Master and I will get playtime in late June or early July–and it will be what it will be. I can’t change the fact that we’re both busy, acceptance is the only way. Regret, oh yes. We both need some release. We’ll get some face time this weekend, which helps allay the sadness, which, if I had time to spare thinking about it– I’d be wallowing in. I guess it’s a good thing I’m busy then, right? But if I wasn’t so busy I’d have time to BE with Master and then I wouldn’t be sad in the first place…

Whatever. It is what it is. Suck it up buttercup.

See? I can be my own bolster-er, too.


So, toodles for now, peeps. Hoping that this weekend will give me a much needed recharge with the Master, that we’ll drink tea together and He’ll make me giggle, and we’ll kiss and I’ll be back in the submissive zone.

But for now, tis time for me to charge forth into the morning!

8 thoughts on “Hectic

    • yes…that is it in a nutshell…it’s a cycle…

      there’s already that hectic energy in the air, all the plantlife swarming to life, that crazy rush as everything blooms and flowers and POW…its SPRING! I’m loving it…but so glad things had calmed down a bit, too!

      and Master time is tomorrow (busy times means time flies!)



  1. i’m sorry you didn’t get your time together, but glad you have face-to-face time next weekend. If i could wave a magic wand – well, the world would be a very different place, wouldn’t it?



    • yes…and I’d be far down on that “change the world” list, you know. 😀 My problems are so small compared to many. Finally things are calming down a bit in vanilla nilla land, and I’m having time to breathe in calm. And yoga starts next week which will be a huge boon. And I’ve decluttered a TON of stuff and gotten it to the recycling center—goddess knows how that lightens my spirit, too. (I know, it’s that clean-freak in me that rears her head from time to time!!)

      all that said? things are good.


    • thanks…I sent Him a long multi-text “I am feeling this unhappy feeling” text last night…I wasn’t mad, or upset…just really *really* missing Him…three weeks with zero face time seems to be my limit. You know…since we’re not in a full-time LDR…But there was a nice bolstering (cut this shit out…no bs from Him) text in response this morning. He knows I cycle through this emo stuff on a pendulum-swing and has it mapped out fairly well…and knows what to say to get my head back in the right place. 😀

      I’m back and good and feeling excited…I’ll be seeing Him tomorrow…can’t hardly wait!!


  2. It’s been chaotic here too. My calendar is so stacked that Wolf and I have to sync our calendars. Even then, some days a kiss and a cuddle is all there is before we’re ZZZZzzed out.

    Lots of hugs and hope the time flies.

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