The Secret Life of Amanda Middie

He walked towards her, that sexy grin turning all the butterflies in her belly into whirling dervishes. She felt the swell of her sex, the sudden rush of dampness in her panties, the press of her nipples against her cotton bra. 

No. That was wrong. It would be silk she wore against her skin. Yes…

the press of nipples against the sensual silk covering her tits. He noticed the bumps of them poking out the front of her tight cotton tee, the one she had chosen today, knowing that he’d be delivering her package. 

Come in, she murmured.

No. That was wrong. The UPS guy didn’t come in. She tapped her lip a moment.

That looks too heavy for me…could you bring it just into my foyer here? He smiled at her, a slow wink dipping from his left eye. Quivering with excitement, she …

Sign here, ma’am.

She blinked, looking at the small electronic tablet the man in brown thrust at her. He looked over her head at the blonde who sat behind her, gave a brief nod and smile to her. Amanda signed with a frown, shoving the thing back at him. There went that little dream. And it had been going so well, too.


I’m going to clip this lead on your collar, slut, and walk you around the dog park. Let those big ole mutts sniff up under your skirt, let their noses rub your naked pussy, let them lick you if you drip in your excitement. Maybe one will mount you and…


The ball of fluff ran right at her as she walked the path at the park. She always took a walk during her lunch hour, knowing that she’d be dipping into her ice cream after work. She stepped aside, hoping the thing wouldn’t jump on her white skirt.


The man’s voice was harried.  He was about 90 and walked with a cane. She waited, holding the dog by its collar until he latched the creature and stumped off without a thank you or anything other than a hmpf.

Shaking her head, she made her way back to the office ignoring the latent throb between her thighs.


I’m going to squeeze your tits. Just as if they were my tomatoes. See how ripe they are. Test them for firmness. Squeeze them until you whimper and moan, until tears flood your eyes, until you beg for me to stop. And maybe, maybe–I won’t. 

‘Scuse me.

The skinny, dark haired man pushed past her, reaching for the tomato that Amanda had been about to take, before falling into another fantasy about Miguel, the veggie guy here at Save and Shop. Miguel had biceps like a linebacker, a thick mustache, a tattoo of a dragon wrapping around his forearm, and smelled like a dream–vegetables mixed with man musk. He never failed to stir her sex-senses when she came in and he was on duty. The way he stacked melons was thrilling.

Watching him, she saw him sneaking glances at the skinny man who had moved over to the cucumber area.


Oh dear. Taking a tomato, she scurried off to the frozen food aisle. It was definitely time to restock her ice cream supply.


She didn’t have a fantasy for the local news guy.  There was simply too much depressing news, from the middle east to the economy to car recalls, that she tended to not even turn on the television until the game shows came on.  By then she was tired, needing to chill, and a taste of whatever snack would end her day nicely. Eventually she’d tune into whatever show was on, or rent a movie, then head to bed. If she had the energy, she’d masturbate, creating a series of ‘montage moments’ to help get her off.

The routine was bland, okay, even boring at times. She put away her groceries, then decided to take a shower. That was off routine, but what the hell…it would save time in the morning.

He found her in the shower. She’d forgotten to lock the front door. Forgotten that she’d put in a call to the plumber for the leaking toilet. He’d pounded on the door, but then barged right in. Pulling back the curtain, he’d stared at her big tits, at the warm water streaming over her body. His other hand unzipped his pants, and his giant dick fell out. She’d only seen a cock that big on porn sites, but before she could say a word, he reached in, pulling her to her knees, and ordered her to open her mouth…

The front door buzzed as she reached into the linen closet for a clean towel. Who the hell could that be at this hour, she wondered. Hardly anyone came to visit her here, all her family complained that her apartment was “too small” for a get-together.  Necessity and design had married well there. She didn’t want her space invaded by everyone, touching her stuff and remarking about her decor. No, she preferred her alone time.

Wrapping her robe tighter around herself, and trying to push away annoyance that yet another fantasy had imploded, she moved towards the door. Despite the insistent buzzer, she peered through the peep-hole.

She pulled back, frowning, then opened the door.


“Hi Amanda, I’m Craig…”

“Yes…from down the hall, Mr. Henning. I was just going to…”

“Your mail was put in my box. I think our regular postman is on vacation. There’s quite a bit for you today, and this box as well.”

Oh. That would be the new dildo she’d ordered. She felt the blush creeping up her neck, her throat. Thankfully the company did indeed ship in discreet brown paper. She opened the door wider, intending to take the package from him, but he just stepped inside. He took up a lot of space. He was tall, well muscled, well put together.

She never fantasized about Mr. Henning. Or at least, not often.

“You’re very pretty. And I see I’ve interrupted your shower.” Placing an assortment of envelopes and the box on the small table in her living room, he pointed at the towel she still clutched.

The two disparate comments stymied her. Which did she answer?

“Oh…uh…well, I’m not, really.”

His head canted to one side, gave her a look.

“uh, you are, really.”

His finger caressed her cheek. He smiled at her, deepening her blush, and her confusion. He took a small step closer, and another. Bending, he whispered in her ear.

“I like that companies products too.”

She stepped back, the blush running full-bore through her body.

“I–I…that is…” She stammered.

“There’s nothing wrong with sex toys you know.” He stepped away, walked around her space. “You have a lovely apartment here. Your view is much better.”

It was true, she overlooked the grounds, one of the reasons she had taken this unit.

“I look out over the parking lots. But I enjoy people watching, and don’t spend that much time looking out the window anyway. I like other kinds of…entertainments.”

Again, he danced between subjects, confusing her.


“Would you like some help…scrubbing your back? Or should I go?”

Her mouth opened and closed several times. Briefly she considered pinching herself to see if she had fallen into another fantasy.

But no, she was very much awake. Very much aware. And very uncertain what the hell she should do now.