Say Whaaa???

So in my email pops this ad for an online sex shop..not that I have money just now for any new vibes (tho after a 4 hour power failure last night, I’m kinda rethinking the whole “no more vibes with batteries stance I’ve taken…..)…and the headline catches my attention.

I’m going to paraphrase it because I don’t want to cross any lines and get sued…but

New Vibe Sets Just In Time For Mother’s Day


Now, my mom has been gone a long while, but never, ever in my dreams would I consider EVER getting her a vibrator.

I mean…really?

Maybe there are some of you out there that have that kind of totally open relationship with your mom (and maybe because my MIL is 80+)…but this just struck me as bizarre.

Yeah yeah yeah…I know its for men to buy for their honey’s as well as for mommies but it just struck me as a tad surreal.


(oh there I go being all judgy again…!)

But if you and your mom are into this kind of openness, good on you. LMK and I can send you the link….but hurry…it’s almost Mom’s Day…



7 thoughts on “Say Whaaa???

    • yay for you, Fury! I wish more moms would buy them for their boys. I’ve talked about it with my teen, and plan on getting him some, since he can barely communicate to ask for pants (mumple mumble…my pants dont fit…)*eyeroll*…I have also talked to his g/f about it. 😀 The joy of being f/b friends with her. LOL.

  1. My Dad had been a widower for three years when he met D——–.. He was a very healthy and fit 79 when they married on Valentine’s Day, 2000. She was an energetic 74. They had eleven years together. Dad died at age 90. When we were going through his dresser drawers, we found a red vibrator, battery-powered, soft silicone, intended for penetration. Dad and D——– evidently liked their play with some variety.

    • I don’t know, dvjan21, but that story just warms my spirit. Sex doesn’t die when we get older…and the desire to please our partners continues long after most people suspect…i LOVE this…and thank you for sharing it. I’m going to walk around all day smiling. 😀


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