Nerves tingled along her spine as she sat in her car. The engine was off, the faint pings of the motor cooling was accompanied by her rapid breath.

“Ree-diculous!” She said to herself, out loud, to shock herself out of this sudden attack of chicken knees. “Get up, get out, go in.”

That little mantra had gotten her this far. Newbie night at the club where the “alternative life-style” folks hung out. They had them every month but this was the first time she’d ever gotten the guts to attend.

Somehow her feet were on the pavement and walking towards the door. It was an ordinary door, nothing out of the wild side she’d often pictured in her mind’s eye. She’d be disappointed if it was just…a bar…inside.


She hung on the periphery, where she could see, but not be noticed too much. The people-watching was phenomenal! Even if she didn’t get up to be a volunteer at some of these events, at least she’d made it this far. Watching the shibari guy had been amazing. For a moment there had been some regret that she’d not put her hand up, but hell, this was her first time admitting to herself that she was…different.

Normal people didn’t want to be tied up and fucked. Normal people didn’t wonder what a hard spanking would be like. Normal people didn’t crave crazy scenes where people did many painful, terrible, wonderfully sick things to one person. It was…totally fucked up. Her super-religious parents would  keel over in the shock and horror of it all. Oh, but she’d come a long way from Etna Alabama First Baptist Church since leaving home years ago. Leaving the south and heading north had changed her. First,  college, then her first really crappy job.  After a while a better opportunity came along, and an even better one still later. Years passed, and she climbed the ladder of success steadily. Boyfriends, girlfriends when she thought she might be a homo, more boyfriends, passed in and out of her life, but nothing quite gave her what she wanted.

Porn had.

Had filled the void between those sexual encounters. They weren’t much more than that. Just a getting to know someone, fuck them a month or maybe two, and move on. It was her more than them. Gods knew Kent would have loved sliding a ring on her finger.  But no. She didn’t want to wind up like her parents, married 187 years to the same person, same perfunctory sex every Saturday night.

Yet here she sat, shaking like a lamb as the crop slapped down on the woman’s body. Tied to an enormous cross, she judged her to be close to her own middle-age. The crop flew in a flurry of quick slaps that moved from her shoulders to her thigh. Missy winced in sympathy, even as she shifted on her stool. It looked like it hurt. It looked…hot as fuck.

“We don’t allow newbies to hide in the corners.”

The voice came from behind her but when she turned to look, a blindfold slipped over her head.

“Oh! But…”

“Time to explore, newbie.”

She was tugged off the bar stool, and led away.


At a loss for words, she didn’t say anything as she was pushed and pulled at the same time.

Two people, then,” she mused. She felt the press of bodies, the noise of the crowd, then the change to a quieter area. Here there were single moans, terse orders, the sounds of tools and implements being chosen, and employed. The sound of a door opening in front of her, closing.

“Look, I–”


The word was spoken firmly. The voice was older, a bit raspy. Male. Footsteps moved around, circling her.


Not spoken to her, yet she replied anyway.

“I am not here to be acceptable to anyone. I’m just…”

A fat ball was shoved between her teeth.


“Unclothe it.”

Hands at her clothing now, pulling and tugging. She tried to struggle, but her wrists were grasped and held, her legs caught in the fall of clothing around her ankles. Dragged along the floor, she moaned around the gag, until she felt the cool press of something beneath her as she was shoved down. Quickly wrists and ankles were grabbed, snapped into position, secured. Shaking her head, muttering, did nothing.

“Put these on her.”

The jingle made her wonder, but it wasn’t a long wait for her curiosity to be relieved. And for her nipples to protest the sudden pinch of the clamps that bit into them.

A large hand grabbed her breast and squeezed. The pressure on her nipple increased. She moaned.

“Don’t fight it so much. In the end we will both get what we want. You came for fantasy, for sex. As did we. You will not be harmed. Hurt, yes. But no permanent injury will mar you. And after this you will be a newbie no more, eh?



12 thoughts on “Newbie

    • LOL! Well…for some of us it’s Masturbation Month. Others of us are being punished because the Bruins lost. 😀

      Glad you were titillated by this wee little darkness!


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