Newbie (2)

(writing time-lags being what they are, part one is here–happy Mother’s Day…)

“Time to explore, newbie”

Those words circled around her head, like a frightened bird seeking exit from a cage. Had he meant “time to explore, newbie”? Or the somewhat more sinister “time to explore newbie”. That comma made all the difference to her mind. A hand probed between her legs, followed by a coarse, “cunts wet”. Again, questions about comma placement plagued her. Another finger slid down the long canyon, then probed against her anus, making all thoughts of grammar flee from her mind.

Shaking her head wildly, emphatically NO, NO, she tensed. A hand pressing on her belly startled her for a moment. The finger pressed home, inserting itself into her “dirty” hole. It wriggled there, stretching, hurting. Not “i’m gonna die from it pain” but a deep discomfort nonetheless. A mouth attached to her breast, sucking over the clamp on her nipple. That was an interesting sensation. The hand on her belly rose, and slapped her exposed cunt. She jolted.

“Pleasure and pain. A heady combination. I’ll bet you’ve dreamt of it, newbie. I’ll bet you’ve fucked your little cunt until you exploded all over your clean sheets, cum oozing from your hot slit at the thought of being controlled, of being used. Tonight that dream comes true.”

The voice moved away from her ear. She wanted to protest, to cry out in denial of the dark words.  She shook her head, muttered around the ball gagging her words. But the voice did have a point. She had masturbated to fantasies that resembled this situation. Gosh, the porn she watched and read was totally about this sort of thing, right? But… she needed to turn off the analytical part of her brain. But this wasn’t fantasy…nor did it feel like it was real, despite the hard mattress under her back. She wasn’t supposed to be here, in a back room, blindfolded. She wasn’t supposed to be tied down, fingers and hands touching, caressing, pinching… and oh dear gawd was that a Hitachi?!

The hard press against the top of her crotch confirmed. It was indeed a Magic Wand–something she had read about but never thought she’d experience.

She tried to wriggle her bottom, to move away from the intensity pressing against her clit, shaking her pussy lips.

“uh uh ahhh…”

The tone was one of admonishment and amusement. The sensory overload was almost too much to bear, however. She continued to try to move away, despite the hard slap on her cunt.

“Let’s try this,” the voice continued, after readjusting the vibe against her pussy. “I do so want to hear your yelpings. . . and how will we ever use your mouth when it’s already full? That is not the best use of space, now is it?”

Hands at the back of her head, tugging, tangling in her hair. Eyes watering, she felt the sudden release of the gag. Her lips opened and closed, and she coughed.  A finger circled her lips.

“Aaah, what a lovely mouth.”

The sound of a zipper never sounded so loud.


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