It’s true…I’ve been a bit of an asshat this last week. Bad submissive…bad attitude..grumpy.  Definitely not my normal state with Him. I felt…




Okay I am just going to say it…neglected.


 Blame it on an over abundance of vanilla life stuff for both of us. Blame it on Him not having time….but blame that on me, too. We’ve both gone through a wildly busy span of time over the last several weeks in our personal lives.  And while my texts to Him have gone from teasing and sunny to perfunctory, His responses have become more widely spaced in return.

The truth is…we’ve been neglecting one another.

He took care of that tonight. We had a wee bit of time tonight…and I was all over Him…being fully and totally flippant. He gave me that quelling look and though that look had always before made me back off…tonight the devil himself rode my shoulder and spoke in my voice…for surely that wasn’t ME sayin “oh no MASTER, that look isn’t going to work tonight.”

And we went to his car and he proceeded to pinch and twist my belly and tits and back skin until I was whimpering for mercy..And HE sitting there and laughing at my painfilled cries. 

And now? My head and heart are back in alignment and I remember that I’m a pain loving submissive slut. Even when it really hurts and I want it to stop. (Coz you know…it’s been awhile since that itch has been scratched) I’m out of practice…but now I feel like of…glowing. I’m…settled. calmer. 

Happy. Yeah. I’m definitely happy.

And not an asshat slut anymore.