Newbie (fini)

part two is here –(and part one is referenced there in case you missed a chapter). I’m pretty happy to finish *this* before starting my next piece. So very “un-nilla”, right?  😀  ~n~

Her lips were stretched uncomfortably wide, her mouth a round “0”.  It wasn’t a perfect O, really,  as it was formed to the shaped of the cock that was sliding towards the back of her throat. She tried thinking about what her lips would really look like,  flexing around the moving shaft. Dang but she couldn’t seem to shut her brain off, even now.  She gagged, feeling her stomach threaten to rise. Somehow that seemed to shut her brain right off.  Well, that and his next words.

“Newbie has a quick gag reflex. We’ll work on that…”

It should have felt…ominous. Instead it felt…right.

“Relax your throat…I’m going all the way in.”

‘right,’ she thought, with the clarity of her ever-overactive brain. ‘relax. yup. that was gonna be possible with the thick pole in her mouth.’ And then she felt the press of male pubic hair tickling her nose. It made her want to sneeze. She struggled, trying to toss her head, but he only moaned in pleasure. She tried yelling but her stomach seemed to feel like it was coming up again. Just when she thought she’d pass out,or gawds forbid, puke all over him,  he pulled out.

“good hot mouth. mmmm” He followed that last sound of pleasure by wiping the slick wetness from the head of his shaft along her cheek.

Those sounds of pleasure from the owner of the hairy crotch above her face gave her pause. She caused that. She was giving pleasure. Sure, she was fucking uncomfortable. Sure her shoulders ached from being spread and tied. Certainly her pussy was screaming from the ongoing buzz. Her nipples throbbed in a way she could never mimic on her own. It was terrifying.

It was exhilarating.

The cock returned to her mouth, teasing her throat.

“Suck. Suck it hard!”

It wasn’t gentle, but rough. A taking of a slut hole, she thought. The shiver that ran through her was one of perverted pleasure. She was a fucktoy. Not a person, not a senior accountant, not a good neighbor, not anything ‘vanilla’…she was fuckmeat.

The wave of orgasm shuddered through her, part Hitachi, part her own mental pleasure.

The cock slid from her lips with a pop. She was reluctant to let go.

The bed creaked as he moved away, as others moved away.

“You all may go. Your assistance has been appreciated.”

There was a sound of feet moving quietly, a few hushed ‘yes Sir,” and “thank you Sir”‘s then the sound of the door closing. She strained to hear who was left. Was it just him? He of the lovely thick cock. A hand stroked down her chest.

“Let’s take these off now, newbie.”

Fingers worked at the clamps on her nipples, tugging them off quickly. The slap of pain was wildly intense, far more so than when they had been applied.

“Right. They hurt more coming off.”

She heard the laughter in his voice. Bastard.

“That I am, newbie. That I am.”

She blushed, surprised that she’d actually spoken that aloud, but the ache in her tits had been quite unexpected. The pain lingered.  His hand caressed her pussy.

“You’re wet. And ready. As am I.”

There was the sound that she knew was the opening of a condom, and the faint sounds of latex being rolled onto his shaft. Dang if she could only see!  He came close, stroking and pinching her body. She whimpered, yelped, moaned.

“Pleasure and pain, newbie, a heady combination. One which we will enjoy fully together.”

He did mean full, too, damn her hyperactive brain, as he slowly impaled her. Her cunt clamped down around him like it was ready to jump up and shout “hallelujah” as he moved fully into her. One hard hip thrust finished his entry; his balls  lay against her, just against that sensual place where her buttocks began to separate. She moaned. She had never been this full before. Not with past lovers, nor certainly not with silicone cocks. Three fingers pressed into her mouth.

“Suck on these while I fuck you, slut. Consider it practice for later. You’ll have to clean my cock once I’m done.”

She wondered, damn her brain again, if that would be sans condom and wondered how she’d handle that. Then remembered that she didn’t have to worry about that as He would be the one doing the ‘handling’ of the situation. There was great comfort in that. She realized that she really wasn’t a newbie anymore, but had begun the transition to being a submissive, rather than merely dreaming of it.

As he continued to move over and on and in her, she let herself fall, mentally, into another space.

Sub space.



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    1. You are quite welcome LadyP…it’s always so gratifying to hear when you like one of my stories!


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