nilla ramble version 2.0

Yesterday’s post was terribly angsty, wasn’t it? I was feeling very needy and blue and … there isn’t anything wrong with that. I am grateful for the kind thoughts–and the sympathetic ones. I know you know how it feels. I wonder if there has ever been a submissive who has said “I am getting too much from my Top”…?  I’m sure I’ve never read a single blog that has said that. We’ll get a bit of time at the end of this week, so that’s something to hold onto.

And after I see Him–I’m going to be traveling.

Yes, nilla on an airplane (yikes!)!!

Heading (via that airplane) to hang out with sofia, and just found out that another blogging friend will be there as well, at least for a little bit. Who? Why none other than Sir Q’s mlb…aka fiona! Exciting times ahead in the slut-0-sphere. No, no, sorry…not *that* kind of fun. But definitely some vanilla–with a dash of naughty tales to share I’m sure.

The gardens are calling me–there is SO much to do. So I may be posting less frequently. The summer is always chock-full of things to do, trips to take, and I just can’t do it all. I’m learning to let go of some things…and daily—or any kind of “schedule” for blogging will be taking the brunt of that. I’ll post when I can–and I hope you miss me just a little. Of course there will be posts from my trip–can’t leave you all in the dark about all our fun, right?

Blessings…thanks for reading, for your loyalty, and as always, your perverted and perverse minds!