The Answer for The Unnecessary Question

We had some face time tonight. It was good. Not private, but still. I pulled up and saw Him immediately…in a suit. I almost swallowed my tongue…my pussy fluttered and I was about faint with that sudden slam of desire that flares when I see Him. In a suit? It’s twice the whammy, let me tell you.

So I move on shaking legs into Starbucks, and kiss Him. He’s all spiffy, and I’ve just come from work, a bit stinky, hair unbrushed, no make up…a total slacker in the looks department I’m afraid.

We talked, he and I, about D/s. It’s been awhile since we had one of these conversations and I’ve had some curiosity questions. And we talked about subspace, and him pushing me a bit harder than he has and how does he know when he’s about to break me–and stops.

He says he’s made a mistake in the past, pressed to hard to fast…I think that’s just part of the Dom learning curve. He never has with me. Just to the edge of my breaking…and stops.

He tells me that if HE wrote a blog that his favorite story to share about me would be the way I jump (literally) when he blows in my ear when I’m on the wall and unaware of where the fuck he is in the room. He will put on the water in the bathroom, or close the door, or flush the toilet, then move absolutely silently to behind or beside me. I think it’s safe to move off the wall where I stand, blindfolded, nose on the wall, hands palms to the surface. I wiggle my fingers. Lift my head. Maybe take a half-step to the left, to the right, just to fuck around, you know?

And he’ll B L O W  into my ear, hard!

I jump a mile, and shriek.

That, says He, is his absolute favorite part. Silly Dom-man. 😀

But then we were talking again about those boundaries. And slid into ‘safewords’.

We don’t have one.

Well-we do, kinda. But not really. First, I don’t see myself ever using it. Second, He’s promised me that he pushes me as much as he feels he wants (and let’s face it–he’s not gonna break his toys)…and a safeword won’t stop that.

So tonight he gave me a blog idea.

“Tell them,” he says of you all, “that you have a safeword.”

“I do?” I say, knowing there’s a catch, because I don’t want one. I trust Him. Implicitly. You may call that foolish, stupid, silly. But after 5 years, I think we’ve got a handle on one another.

So, that safeword?


Yes. Think about that a minute, let it sink in. Then laugh like I did.


5 thoughts on “The Answer for The Unnecessary Question

  1. OH,,,,I love your Master’s sense of humor. I thought of you today…while Master was running the flogger all over my naked body…and i was sinking into that wonderful space…and He says…feel the tentacles all over your body. I had to giggle and think..octopus and nilla….
    hugs abby

    1. LOL LOL LOL!

      now that was funny…sorry I popped into your bedroom there….but now that I did…



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