Having a Huff

I am.

It’s horrid, you know.

He’s not this. He’s not that. Doesn’t HE know I need…?

Why is He?

Why doesn’t He?

Like He’s a fucking mindreader, right?

This is nilla, gone a weekend without Master time, and freaking out in her little slutty need.

There is nothing wrong with Him. And I”m not communicating my needs. Not “not communicating well”…just not communicating AT ALL.

So who’s fault is it that I’m in a huff.


Fuck me runnin’.

I need to stop having a huff and figure out when we can be together. That’s on me.


I’m having a huff. And a breakdown. And…frustration.

And it’s all on me.


Pity Party in New England, Come one, come all.

Film at 11.

13 thoughts on “Having a Huff

  1. Sadly, I only had a day with you and sofia…and I was a cranky bitch with my Sir when I came back…I needed some serious attitude re-adjustments…I wish you the same…and MUCH communication!!!


    1. Yes. ..and Yes. And there will be a blog about meeting you as well.. one of the high lights of my trip. It’s been a crazy post-visit week. . And I need. ..

    1. Thanks Kayla (are you in total OMG mode yet?) 😀

      Sending happy thoughts your way as you head into your transitional time…


      1. LOL…okay, perfectly normal, then. I’m sending a TON of whammies your way…

        and will be holding you both in my thoughts on Friday.


    1. maybe. It has been a long time since any playtime and I think it was getting to me, bigtime. or at least that was *a part* of it.


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