the huff is over

One of the things I respect the most about Him it’s that he is always willing to talk. And He doesn’t just listen. … He *hears* what I am saying.  He has taught me to communicate effectively (and Sofia has taught me to try to stay out of the drama triangle. ..).  Between those two kinds of support I was able to speak and write effectively. .. without being a total snarky bitch. Ok. .. there was one wee snark… but He forgave me for it.  And just like that we are back on kilter. Thank goodness because it really fucks me up in my head when we are at odds. 

3 thoughts on “the huff is over

  1. So glad!! You have two phenomenal people to rely on for support. I’m glad they helped right your ship 🙂


    1. 😀 It is good that he and I can talk so openly…and that I’ve learned that it doesn’t have to be me all huffy and catty and bitchy to resolve things (a major milestone!). Mostly? I’m just glad we’re back to happy place. And I so so so need to be beat and fucked and man-handled. (don’t we all?)


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