Already Falling Behind

I said that I would write more regularly, didn’t I? Ha! Best laid plans, my friends.

Here’s the short summary:

Ice cream with Master. Watching cows frolic in the fields (insert dirty jokes here, for He sure did). A bit of pinching. A bit of kissing. A lovely evening. Recharged. And a date planned for July.. (insert Etta James here: )

It helps knowing that there’s a Day.

*nods sagely*

I have the next chapter to The Lake spinning in my head…so we’ll see when that can squeeze out of my fingers so you can enjoy it. 😀


9 thoughts on “Already Falling Behind

    1. that it is. Life is a constant evolution…and my family is undergoing a transformation as my kiddo transforms from “kid” to young adult. (accent on the “young”)…it’s a different sort of thing really. It’s good, it’s what we parents work for, but it’s a busy and nerve wearing time too, as he finds his way and I alternate between helping hand and gentle pushing…bittersweet for me, and exciting for him.


    1. that it is. Life is changing for me, as our family starts to reorganize, as a chick prepares to leave the nest…and there is something that needs my attention NOW…and..and..and…

      you grok. I know. 😀

      thanks for that!


    1. Next 6 weeks are crazy though I do get a break in mid July when my family goes away for a week…without me! VACATION! (well, I have to work, but really, it’s a vacation!)


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